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Trump Doubles Down On Threat To Revoke Network News Licenses / by Tyler Durden / Oct 11, 2017 8:21 PM

Update (8:20 pm ET): Fresh off a rally in Pennsylvania where the president talked up the administration’s tax reform plans, Trump has returned to twitter to round out a day of roasting NBC News by doubling down on his earlier assertion that the FCC should consider revoking the network’s license(s).

Of course, as one FCC commissioner pointed out earlier, the FCC can’t revoke a license for an entire network, only its regional affiliates.

Update (2:40 pm ET): Defense Secretary James Mattis has come forward to vouche for his boss, telling the press that NBC’s report is “absolutely false.”

In an unusual move, he published his denial in a terse statement.

Update (2:30 pm ET): Echoing a statement from the White House communications released earlier Wednesday, President Donald Trump clarified during a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he never said anything about increasing the nuclear arsenal by “tenfold” – like NBC reported early today, citing anonymous sources that reportedly were in the room with Trump at the time.


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