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Can Stocks Avoid Unlucky (Year) Number 7?

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by Dana Lyons

The 4th quarter of years ending in “7? have historically exhibited the stock market’s worst quarterly performance of the decadal cycle.

Exactly 3 months ago, we published a post highlighting what we discovered to be serially poor historical performance in the stock market during the 2nd half of years ending in a “7”. In fact, the period has historically exhibited the worst performance of any semi-annual period of the decadal cycle. Here’s what we wrote:

“Given our current year “2017”, we were recently pondering the unfortunate fate that has befallen the stock market during the most recent years ending in a “7”.  There was the market top of 2007, the Asian crisis in 1997 and the crash of 1987.  It got us wondering if this was just some recent fluke – or if there really was a sort of a curse around “7” years.  So we got out our history books (i.e., we scrolled to the left on our chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average) to check previous “7” years going back to 1900.  As it turns out, 7 does indeed appear to be quite unlucky.


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