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“This Is A Tax Bomb”: Norway Considers Massive “Tesla Tax” / by Tyler Durden / Oct 13, 2017 2:45 AM

Elon Musk can’t seem to catch a break lately with cash burn rates surging to new highs every quarter and embarrassing rumors suggesting that the company, one that was supposed to be the most technologically sophisticated auto manufacturer in the world, has been making parts by hand to try to get Model 3s on the road.

Now, after being one of the largest contributors to Musk’s taxpayer-funded enrichment scheme for years, the country of Norway may have just decided that enough is enough with legislators considering a new tax for buyers of electric cars that weigh over two tons…which, as of now, would pretty much only include Teslas.  As the Financial Times notes today, the proposal could tack on a massively punitive $10,500 tax to the purchase of every Tesla in Norway.

Norway is proposing a “Tesla tax” that would hit owners of the heaviest electric cars in a move that critics say will undermine the Scandinavian country’s standing as a pioneer of zero-emission vehicles.

Sales of electric cars and hybrids accounted for 60 per cent of new vehicle sales in Norway last month, fuelled by extensive subsidies in taxes, tolls and parking fees.

But the centre-right minority government in Oslo is now proposing a one-off tax on all electric cars that weigh more than two tonnes — something that at present would predominantly target Teslas and potentially add up to NKr82,800 ($10,500) to the cost of buying one.


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