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Is Tax Reform A Done Deal? This Is What Wall Street Thinks / by Tyler Durden / Nov 30, 2017 12:17 PM

Following the backing of Sen. John McCain on the GOP tax reform bill, markets have surged to new all time highs as tax-sensitive banks lead the way, with Bloomberg reporting that odds for the tax bill’s passage may increase to “near-certainty” if the Senate can finish its version in the days ahead, citing Evercore ISI.  And speaking of banks, the KBW bank index is up over 1.3% to the highest since Oct. 2007, outpacing the S&P 500’s 0.7 percent gain. This is just more of the same: since Trump’s election, banks have outperformed dramatically with the BKX up 40% vs S&P 500 +24%; top performers include SIVB (+86%), BAC (+68%); Citigroup (+52%); JPMorgan (+51%).

So at least according to bank stocks – and the market – tax reform appears to be a done deal. This is confirmed by online betting market PredictIt, where odds for a tax deal by the end of 2017 have jumped to 76%, up from 40% three days ago.

But do Wall Street analysts agree? As the following summary from Bloomberg shows, opinions range from Evercore’s 75% odds of a deal getting done by Q1 at the latest, with some such as Horizon Investments suggesting corporate tax rate may have to settle at 22% (especially if Trump “blows a gasket”), to pessimists such as Bloomberg Andrew Silverman stating that “the Senate will have tough time passing first stab at ax-overhaul, contrary to equity markets’ expectations for successful reform, as many have doubts about the bill and margin for failure is 2 votes.”


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