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John McCain Begs For More Twitter Followers… Internet Says ‘No’

Earlier this week, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., lost almost 20,000 Twitter followers after asking his supporters to boost his following base.

McCain tweeted on Monday, that his Twitter account was 74 followers short of 3 million, and asked his followers to “spread the word” to reach this “big milestone!”

Shortly after his lunchtime tweet, McCain’s account dropped to 2,993,757 followers, a loss of over 6,000 and that number would deteriorate into Tuesday. According to The Hill, McCain woke up on Tuesday to find the account at 2,982,983 followers, showing a clear backfire on the senator’s social media strategy. Almost there but not really…

A large percentage of the top replies to the senator’s tweet for more followers included criticism over his decision to vote “Yes” on President Trump’s tax reform bill that was pushed through last week.

McCain originally rejected the tax reform (see: John McCain Confirms: Tax Reform Is “DOA In The Senate“), but shocked his base last Thursday when he released in a statement he’ll vote “Yes” (see: John McCain Is A “Yes” On GOP Tax Reform Bill).

In total, there are more than 27,000 replies, of which a majority that we can see are angry Americans who think McCain sold out on his “Yes” vote.

So, it’s Wednesday morning, where does McCain’s Twitter account stand? 

Shockingly, McCain has gained all his followers back and some more, breaching over the 3 million mark. Traders would normally call this anomaly a “V-shape dip.” 

But how can this be? A majority of the replies to his tweet asking for more followers, was widely viewed negatively. So, we took to Twitter Audit to determine John McCain’s following base has roughly 40% fake followers or 1,191,136 bots. In fact, a study from earlier this year said, “Twitter has roughly 48 million active bot accounts” (see: Up To 15% Of Twitter Accounts Are Fake, Study Finds).

In reviewing the past 24-hours of McCain’s feed,  there really wasn’t any content that would explain a +7% spike in follower growth (as far as we can see).

Provided that McCain’s social media campaign to reach  3-million was initially met with an undeniable blowback. We find it hard to believe the overnight “V-shape dip” in follower growth was organic, considering the account has 40 percent, fake followers.