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My personal consulting services: creative futures / by Jon Rappoport / December 6, 2017

Here are three articles I’ve written about my personal consulting services. They touch on the inherent power of the individual to invent the future he profoundly desires:

ONE: I’ve worked with a number of private clients over the years. It’s been inspiring to see them find buried dreams and visions and pour energy into their fulfillment.

When I use the term “creative solutions,” I mean solutions to life itself. Because life wants to create. Creating is, to the spirit, what breathing is to the body.

Consulting has also given me the opportunity to see the uniqueness of every individual. I don’t apply a one-size-fits-all system or protocol. It’s the uniqueness that is the source of energy and vision.

When you come right down to it, every person on the planet is different. Systems and organizations don’t recognize that.

If we want to look at a root reason for the troubles that societies and civilizations encounter, there it is. Structures are put in place to produce sameness. Sameness of thought, response, and action. Whereas, the truth is, every person has his/her own take on reality. It is that personal point of view which gives birth to creative solutions.


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