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Was Coinbase’s Bitcoin Cash Rollout A Designed Hit? / by Tom Luongo / Dec 25, 2017 1:55 PM

There’s an excellent article over on Breitbart that looks at the details of Coinbase’s surprise roll-out of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a trading vehicle on their in-house exchange GDAX. It details the whole sordid mess and I would recommend anyone interested in the topic to read it for what it implies.

To me, however, being the cynic that I am if there is a path to harming Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market available to the money center banks, then they will always opt for it.

I’ve been pretty vocal about the need for having a slow, annoying reserve asset in the cryptocurrency space.  I’ve talked about it multiple times (here and here).  This doesn’t jibe with Bitcoin Cash proponent and CEO Roger Ver’s image of Bitcoin.

And that is to Roger’s credit, actually.  It’s pretty obvious from a cursory glance at Roger’s Twitter feed that he approaches Bitcoin as a radical libertarian/Austrian Economist would — a purely decentralized, trustless money that can wrest control of the world’s monetary system from rentiers in Government and Banking.

Music to my ears.


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