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Deutsche Bank Flagged “Suspicious” Transactions Involving Kushner

Deutsche Bank is looking at evidence that companies related to Jared Kushner may have moved “suspicious” money through the German lender, a German-language magazine reported. The bank reportedly informed a national finance supervisor about the transactions and will also inform special counsel Robert Mueller’s office – though details about the money or the bank’s suspicions weren’t immediately available.

Late last year, German media reported that Mueller had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for some of the Trump family’s financial records – a report Trump’s lawyers vociferously denied. As it turned out, the New York Times later clarified that the financial record being investigated belonged to the Kushner Companies – Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s family business. And the subpoena was sent by the Eastern District of New York, not Mueller.

But these violations appear to be part of a separate investigation. The Eastern District appears to be investigating the Kushner Companies use of a visa program designed to attract foreign investment to the US.



Trump himself has done extensive business with Deutsche, and acknowledged having $130 million in debts to the bank last year, though the Financial Times later reported that amount was closer to $300 million.

Kushner Companies has also done major business with Deutsche Bank, including a $285 million loan in 2016 related to its property in the former New York Times building in Manhattan.

The bank has not commented about the content of the reported inquiries, but has said it is cooperating with authorities. Coincidentally, Deutsche Bank is at the center of an ongoing Department of Justice investigation into its role in a Russian money laundering scheme for which it has paid hundreds of millions in fines to New York and British regulators.

Former Trump adviser Steven Bannon was also quoted in “Fire and Fury” as saying the Russia investigation “goes through Deutsche Bank and all the Kushner shit.