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AG Sessions Responds To Trump’s Twitter Taunt

It looks like all those Saturday Night Live sketches portraying Jeff Sessions as an obsequious diminutive imp have gotten to the attorney general.

In a stiffly-worded response to President Trump – who earlier today castigated the AG for ordering the Justice Department’s inspector general, an Obama-era holdover, to investigate FISA abuses – Sessions defended his handling of the FISA investigation by saying he followed the “appropriate process” by ordering the IG to investigate and that, as long as he remains attorney general, he will “continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor.”




Of course, as one twitter user reminds us, Senate Republicans have said they will not confirm another AG nominee if Sessions is forced out.



The statement elicited a wave of incredulous responses from twitter users, who were surprised by Sessions’ strongly worded response.


His response begs the question: Will their spat end here? Or will we soon hear from a (no doubt infuriated) Trump?