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Monthly Archives: February 2018

“They’re Finally Accepting Reality” – Manhattan Landlords Are Slashing Rents To Fill Vacant Storefronts

Owners of Manhattan’s commercial real-estate might soon begin to regret their decision to hike rents to absurdly high levels in the hope of attracting the next Chase, Bank of America or Duane Reade capable of paying their extortionate prices. As Bloomberg reports, owners of prime retail storefronts in the heart of Soho – a trendy […]

Nomi Prins: The Status Quo Will Reign

Authored by Nomi Prins via The Daily Reckoning, This month’s stock market correction is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Many have even begun to wonder if the era of dark money was truly over. How will the recent correction affect the Fed’s dark money policies? The consensus explanation for the correction was that inflation was rising […]

And America’s “Best State” For 2018 Is…

US News And World Report has released its latest ranking of “best states” for 2018 and the results might surprise you. The winner is a midwestern state with the best infrastructure and broadband access in the country. And that state is…Iowa? In addition to those first-place rankings, the Hawkeye State also boasts top-10 rankings in […]

12 Years In A Row And Counting: The U.S. Has Not Had A Year Of 3 Percent Economic Growth In More Than A Decade

If the U.S. economy is in good shape, then why has economic growth been so anemic for more than a decade?  It has been 12 long years since the economy grew by at least 3 percent, and for most of that time my website has been one of the leading voices chronicling America’s long-term economic […]

Ron Paul: “The Fed Is At A Crossroads… A Crisis Is Coming”

Authored by Mac Slavo via, The Fed has created a mountain of problems for everyone in the United States and every single solution that they come up with leads to even more problems. Ron Paul recently discussed what the Fed has done, how it tries to keep things going, and the inevitable economic crisis […]

The Failure Of Fiat Currencies

Authored by Tom Lewis via, We work hard for our money, as we think it has long-lasting value. That value can buy us other things that we want. It seems like a good exchange. However, few of us consider how extrinsic the value of money really is. In reality, we are dealing in valueless […]

Daniel Nevins: Economics for Independent Thinkers

Russian Foreign Minister Accuses US Of Violating Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

During another contentious meeting of the UN Conference on Disarmament in Geneva on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the US of violating the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons – the cornerstone of the global nonproliferation regime – by training its NATO allies to use US nuclear arms installed on European territory, […]

What’s Going Down In China Is Very Dangerous – Part 1

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, I’m sure all of you are aware of the dramatic power play pulled off over the weekend by China’s Communist Party to eliminate term limits for both the president and vice president. Prior to the move, Chinese leaders have stuck to two five-year terms since the presidency of Jiang […]

“Booth Babes” Banished: Car Shows Ban Sexy, Scantily Clad Models

Earlier this month we reported that amid the brave new world of sexual harassment lawsuits, #MeToo, social justice warriors, consent forms and rage over the “patriarchy,” Formula 1 and its FAI ruling body has decided to ban the use of promotional models, known as “grid girls,” from its events because they don’t “resonate with [the] […]