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Google or FB Can Now Decide Elections, 2117

Tolerance Cuts Both Ways: Freedom For The Speech We Hate

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, Tolerance cuts both ways. This isn’t an easy pill to swallow, I know, but that’s the way free speech works, especially when it comes to tolerating speech that we hate. The most controversial issues of our day – gay rights, abortion, race, religion, sexuality, political correctness, police […]

Visualizing The Rising Problem Of Crypto Theft (And How To Protect Yourself)

Part of the appeal of cryptocurrency is that it exists “outside” of the system. Using complex cryptography and decentralized ledgers, Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins explains, a blockchain can operate independently from the world’s most powerful countries, corporations, and banking institutions. While this detachment from authority is extremely powerful, existing almost exclusively in the digital realm […]

US Doubles Down As Empire Declines

Authored by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers via, US empire is in decline. Reports of the end of the US being the unitary power in world affairs are common, as are predictions of the end of US empire. China surpassed the United States as the world economic leader according to Purchasing Power Parity Gross National Product, […]

Atlanta City Government Hit With Crippling Ransomware Attack

In an unprecedented attack on the IT systems of a major municipal government, hackers are demanding ransom payable in bitcoin after seizing control of computers belonging to the Atlanta city government, AFP reports. The ransomware assault shut down multiple internal and external applications for the city, including apps that people use to pay bills and […]

“Just A Few More Pips” – Watch The Hong Kong Dollar!

Authored by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners, On Page 1, Chapter 1 of the Central Banker Crisis Handbook it states very clearly, “do not make it worse.” It’s something like the Hippocratic oath where monetary authorities must first assess what their actions might do to an already fragile system. It’s why they take great […]

Drudge, Coulter Trash Trump Over “Fake Veto” As Base Rages

Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter took to Twitter on Friday after President Trump “begrudgingly” signed the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending package – after threatening to veto it hours earlier over the “800,000 DACA recipients” which Trump said were “totally abandoned by the Democrats,” and the lack of funding for the “BORDER WALL.”  I am considering a VETO […]

Paul Ehrlich: “Collapse Of Civilisation Is A Near Certainty Within Decades”

Authored by Damian Carrington via The Guardian, Fifty years after the publication of his controversial book The Population Bomb, biologist Paul Ehrlich warns overpopulation and overconsumption are driving us over the edge… A shattering collapse of civilisation is a “near certainty” in the next few decades due to humanity’s continuing destruction of the natural world that […]

Chinese Newspaper: Beijing Should Prepare For War In The Taiwan Straits

On Thursday, a leading Chinese state-run newspaper announced the unthinkable: Beijing must prepare for “a direct military clash” over self-ruled Taiwan after a mid-level U.S. official arrived in Taipei on Tuesday, angering senior officials in Beijing. The atmosphere in Beijing started to get heated when Alex Wong, US deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian and […]

The Digital-Military-Industrial Complex Exposed

Authored by Tamsin Shaw via, The New Military-Industrial Complex of Big Data Psy-Ops Apparently, the age of the old-fashioned spook is in decline. What is emerging instead is an obscure world of mysterious boutique companies specializing in data analysis and online influence that contract with government agencies. As they say about hedge funds, if […]