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[WATCH] Disarming The Climate Change Agenda

After YouTube’s glaring censorship agenda set out to silence those who question the establishment, many have transitioned to a platform where their speech is not politically censored.  One such man is now disarming the climate change agenda and his DTube video is throwing all kinds of wrenches in the cogs of the propaganda machine.

Jay Sather’s DTube channel is dedicated to “destroying the illusion,” something which is not allowed on YouTube.  In the video below, Sather demolishes the climate change agenda. You can’t even go on social media or a mainstream media (government) outlet’s website without seeing a propaganda piece about “man-made climate change.”

“Let’s make some sense about what the heck’s going on here in regards to climate change,” Sather says.

“There’s this huge propaganda wave I’m seeing, trying to tell us that humans are the cause of global warming when, in my opinion, we are not.” Sather goes on to say that while there are record heat waves, there are also record cold waves occurring right now too. There are a lot of changes happening all around the globe right now, but they aren’t’ caused by carbon emissions. “They are caused by my natural earthy and cosmic cycles,” Sather says.

Sather appears to come to the same conclusion as most of us who look at the statistics and data and happen to also understand that the sun’s cycle plays a role in the weather on Earth. “The Earth is [also] moving into a more energetic region of space,” says Sather. “There’s a lot of things going on in our whole solar system because of that…we’re seeing weird things happen with the poles of Saturn, weird hexagonal shapes…storms are getting worse on all the planets.”

“Just because you deny man-made global warming, does NOT mean you are denying the Earth being polluted…this is a big one. One of those subconscious programmings we’ve undergone…these are two very different things,” Sather reminds everyone. He then says the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) “sucks” and they are “one of the biggest polluters there is.”

Sather continues to make the point that all of this propaganda designed to indoctrinate you into the “religion” of man-made climate change is done to enslave you with carbon emission taxes and control your very life. People have stopped asking “why.” Most just blindly accept what they are told without actually applying their own sense of logic to the information presented by the corporate mainstream media, aka, the government’s propaganda machine.