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80% Of US State Department’s Top Jobs Are Unfilled

With President Trump’s administration losing senior staff at a rate of one every 17 days (so far), and Democrats slow-rolling the confirmation process, the firing of Rex Tillerson has left an already-thin State Department, practically leader-less.

After dismissing Tillerson, the White House also fired Steve Goldstein, Tillerson’s undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs, and announced that State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert would fill the post on an acting basis.

Eight of 10 top jobs at the State Department are now vacant, either because staff have left, been fired or the posts were never filled…


Those vacant assignments include positions overseeing the agency’s role in U.S. trade policy, stopping the spread of nuclear weapons, refugee issues and efforts to counter human trafficking.

Bloomberg reports that morale at the department was already low as staff rebelled against Tillerson’s planned restructuring, opposed Trump’s policies and watched experienced colleagues shifted into more menial jobs, like dealing with Freedom of Information Act requests.

Some will be glad to see Tillerson gone.

Most, though, will wonder if life will be any different under his successor.