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Stefan Molyneux: The War On Tommy Robinson

Authored by Stefan Molyneux via Quadrant Online, The rule of law is fragile, and relies on the self-restraint of the majority. In a just society, the majority obey the law because they believe it represents universal values – moral absolutes. They obey the law not for fear of punishment, but for fear of the self-contempt […]

Japanese Stocks Jump, Yen & Bonds Dump As BoJ Tapers Its Bond-Buying Program

As if the market needed something else to spur volatility, The Bank of Japan chose tonight to cut the size of its purchases of 5-to-10 year JGBs (from 450bn to 430bn yen). While yen initially strengthened, it is now tumbling and Japanese stocks absurdly rallying, presumably because yields on the bonds are rising. So just […]

May Payrolls Preview: It’s Finally Time For A Solid Beat

While the world suddenly has a whole lot of other risks on its plate to worry about, be it Italian and Spanish politics – with both nations set to welcome new, controversial governments – with Trump launching tariffs against some of America’s closest allies and a potential China trade war looming just two weeks away, […]

DataTrek: “The Question We Get Most Often Is When Are ETFs Going To Blow Up & Wreck Global Markets”

“When the world decides that there is no need for fundamental research and investors can just blindly purchase index funds and ETFs without any regard to valuation, we say the time to be fearful is now.” – FPA Capital With increasingly more financial professionals convinced that ETFs are the scourge and real weapons of mass […]

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Did You Sell In May?

May-hem: Small Caps Surge Most Since US Election As Crypto, Credit, & The Yield Curve Crash It all started off quite calmly and then… Or put another way… May was quite a month. Here’s the high- (and low-) lights… All major US Equity indices rose in May Small Caps surged over 6% – best month […]

Conte Reveals New Italian Government

With the fate of the Italian finance ministry post resolved amicable earlier in the day, Giuseppe Conte, Italy’s new prime minister, accepted the offer to form the new Italian government and revealed the following key members of the his cabinet: Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio named labor and economic development minister; deputy premier League […]

Lawsuit Shows How The Government’s ‘Justice’ System Keeps The Poor Poor

It’s not a secret that government’s want to seize as much from the producers as possible to bloat their power-hungry heads.  But a new lawsuit is actually giving the details on just how the government uses the “justice” system to keep the poor in dire states of poverty. The ACLU of North Carolina, the Southern […]

Samantha Bee Apologizes For Calling Ivanka Trump A “Feckless C**t” As Advertisers Flee

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge Update: Shortly after Autotrader abandoned its sponsorhip of Samantha Bee’s show… #BREAKING: Autotrader drops their sponsorship of Samantha Bee’s show. — Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) May 31, 2018 The ‘comedian’ found it within herself to apologize… I would like to sincerely apologize to Ivanka Trump […]

EU Bigwigs Nullify Italian Election, 2261