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Congressman Investigating FISA Abuse, Awan Says DOJ Spying On Him

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says that agents working for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein have been spying on his office, Gohmert told WMAL’s “Morning on the Mall” Friday. “I don’t doubt for a minute that he has people who have been looking into my background. I’ve been told as much by some other folks,” said the […]

What’s Really Wrong With The US Equity Business?

Authored by Nicholas Colas via DataTrekResearch, Prior to starting DataTrek with Jessica, I spent +30 years in the equity business, first in fund operations, then stock research, hedge funds, and finally writing market strategy for a brokerage firm. That time span represents an entire cycle for “Wall Street” as a business, from starting up a handful […]

Argentina Blew A Billion Dollars To Rescue The Peso On Friday… And Failed

Even Eva Peron would be crying… The last 24 hours have not been great for Argentina. First – despite endless jawboning about The IMF bailout and how it will secure the nation’s future and enable reforms, the currency collapsed to a new record low on Friday… Second – the central bank decided to step in […]

6 Things To Know About This Week’s CBO Report

Authored by Daniel Nevins via, Here are six things you might like to know about the Congressional Budget Office’s 2018 Long-Term Budget Outlook, which was released on Tuesday. The CBO’s baseline scenario shows federal debt held by the public rocketing upward at a trajectory not seen since 2009, but this time on a sustained basis […]

A “Leftist Populist” Is About To Become President Of Mexico: Full Elections Preview

Mexico – where over 100 politicians have been killed in the past year – will hold its general election on July 1, electing a new president, 128 members of the Senate and 500 members of Congress, while local elections will also be taking place in 30 of 32 Mexican states. Recent polling overwhelmingly suggests that […]

It’s Time To Care Again About Gold & Silver

Authored by Adam Taggart via, Fundamentals and technicals are signaling extreme undervaluation… It’s been a while since I’ve covered the precious metals in an article. They’ve been range-bound for much of the past year, with few notable sector developments to report. But I feel compelled to write about them today for two reasons: The […]

“Truly An Embarrassment”: Ex-CNN Producer Calls Out Jim Acosta For Heckling Trump During Annapolis Eulogy

A former CNN producer has called out Jim Acosta for giving “all good journalists a bad name” after he heckled President Trump during remarks about the five journalists who lost their lives in Thursday’s deadly newsroom attack in Annapolis, Maryland.  “This attack shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief. Journalists, […]

Trump Reportedly Weighing Withdrawing Troops From Germany, White House Denies

The Trump administration is evaluating the costs of transferring or withdrawing troops from Germany, where the United States has its biggest contingent outside the country, The WaPO reported on Friday adding that President Donald Trump has already discussed the proposal, which has worried European Nato allies, with military officials. Citing anonymous sources, the Post stressed […]

The CNY Conundrum – Has The PBOC Deliberately Weakened Yuan As Part Of The Trade War?

Via Nordea HAS THE PBOC DELIBERATELY WEAKENED CNY AS PART OF THE TRADE WAR? It has been another trade war week, as the market has been looking for clues on the Chinese retaliation measures against the Trump tariffs that are planned to go live on 6 July. Global trade momentum started to weaken even before […]

Turkey Defies Trump, Will Keep Importing Iranian Crude

Defying the Trump administration, Turkey said it would ignore the State Department’s call on US allies to stop importing Iranian crude oil by November 4, when the latest sanctions against Iran are set to kick in. Earlier this week, the State Department called on all US allies to completely stop buying Iranian crude, sending the […]