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SHTFplan: Russia and Iran Hate Us for Our Freedoms

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This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

It’s easy to detect fake news. I don’t need a fact checker or a laboratory at a globalist think tank to clue me in. 

Here’s the latest fake news. 

Both Russia and Iran want to influence the midterm elections. 

It’s lunacy to believe this would make a difference, even if it were true. 

The story was posted at one of the more notorious fake news sites—The New York Times, the folks who sold you WMDs and the invasion of Iraq. 

Facebook passed this info on to the Gray Lady of Propaganda. 

Facebook said it had identified a new political influence campaign on its platform that appeared intended to disrupt the midterm elections. The social network found and took down 652 fake accounts and pages that were trying to sow discord around social issues… Some of the accounts in the new influence campaign originated in Iran and Russia, Facebook said.

This latest threat by people who hate us for our freedoms—as George W. Bush so pointedly phrased it—follows a similar claim last month. 

The campaign’s scale exceeded that of another influence operation that Facebook revealed last month, in which the company said it detected and removed 32 pages and fake accounts that had engaged in activity around divisive social issues ahead of the midterms.

Elections always arouse heated discussion on divisive issues and have done so since the founding of the (former) republic. Establishment Republicans and Democrats use the media as an influence tool and it is accepted as normal behavior. Billions are spent every election cycle to influence voters one way or the other. 

The revelations underscore how Facebook continues to be used as a weapon by others to try to influence the American electorate.

Others. It’s not simply Russia and Iran trying to take down America. It’s unspecified others. It is more than obvious who these others are despite the vagueness of the above sentence. 

Facebook has vowed to clamp down on such misuse; the social network said last month that it had detected and removed 32 pages and fake accounts that had engaged in activity around divisive social issues ahead of the midterms. One of those pages was joined by nearly 140,000 people, who believed they were fighting racism in the United States, while another set up dozens of events targeting left-wing activists.

In other words, the purge is not partisan. It’s an effort to remove all thought that does not follow the narrative put out by the state and its propaganda media. 

The political class wants to make sure another Donald Trump doesn’t make it to the White House. This is a concerted effort on the part of the establishment to take away a vital platform from its political enemies.  

It has nothing to do with Russia.

And certainly not Iran. 

The connection to Russia was concocted by the Clinton campaign and the DNC following the election. This was subsequently adopted and greatly magnified by the liberal corporate media. 

Since the election the DNC has formulated a two-prong attack: take down the elected president of the United States and concurrently destroy a thriving alternative media questioning the official narrative at every turn. 

Trump cronies and arrangers now face prosecution and prison terms. Trump’s attorney said the pre-president arranged a buy a porn star’s silence during the presidential campaign.  

Meanwhile, the chairman of that campaign was convicted of fraud. 

The verdict was a victory for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, whose prosecutors introduced extensive evidence that Mr. Manafort hid millions of dollars in foreign accounts to evade taxes and lied to banks repeatedly to obtain millions of dollars in loans.

Evaded taxes, just like Al Capone. This is a fallback position when they can’t get you on anything else. As for the shady loans, this is standard business practice in the upper echelons of the financial world. Swindles and malfeasance are common practices. Billion dollar fines have been levied. Hands slapped. 

For instance, Goldman Sachs. Trump has a Goldman Sachs alumnus running the Treasury Department. Alexander Hamilton would be proud.  

It is irrelevant for the political class and the corporate media that the Manafort conviction has nothing to do with Trump and the Mueller investigation. 

This will continue well into the election.

Talk about influence. 

MSNBC, CNN, ABC, et al will push their highly biased influence out into the media sphere. Part of this push will be the absurdly fantastic presumption Trump colluded with Putin to rig the election through Facebook ads. Even Fox News is warming up to this charade. Many of the neocons at Fox loathe Trump with the same passion as Bill Kristol. 

I’m not certain what will happen. 

It’s all but a sure bet Democrats will take back the House. If they do, it’s also a sure bet there will be impeachment proceedings. At the same time there will be congressional hearings into Russian media influence. Senator Mark Warner promised as much. 

Russian influence, of course, means alternative media influence. The crucifixion of Alex Jones—now in progress—is an opening salvo announcing a commitment by the state to restrict the right to speak, publish, and post. 

For the moment the purge of dissenting voices remains strategically selective. It is aimed at Jones, popular alt-right figures on Twitter, libertarians at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (an ominous threat), and assorted others, including many on the left not following the narrative. 

It’s not Left vs. Right. 

It’s the state taking out the competition. 

It’s the DNC viciously responding to a humiliating loss to a buffoonish outlier who is not part of the club, who didn’t come up through the ranks, and has not kissed the mandatory rings and asses. 

They call this democracy.