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ZeroHedge: Trump Sought Lawyer Advice On Pardoning Manafort, Was “Advised Against” 

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President Trump was advised against pardoning his former aide Paul Manafort several weeks ago, admitted Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, reports the Washington Post

The subject of pardoning Manafort came up while he was on trial for multiple counts of bank fraud and tax evasion and the president was expressing his anger at how federal prosecutors had “beat up” and mistreated Manafort, Trump attorney Rudolph Giuliani said in an interview. –WaPo

Given that this conversation occurred “several weeks ago,” Perhaps Trump had read July reports that Manafort was being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day while awaiting trial. (Unfortunately for Manafort he wasn’t running a Jihad camp in New Mexico to train children for mass shootings, allegedly of course).

Giuliani says that Trump’s he and fellow Trump attorney Jay Sekulow suggested at least waiting until special counsel Robert Mueller has conducted his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US election – which has suffered perhaps the worst case of mission creep in history considering that we’ve gone from Russian collusion to paying off porn stars over decade-old claims. 

Mueller’s findings will eventually be presented to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who will then decide whether whatever they’ve come up with should be passed to Congress in order to pursue impeachment proceedings. 

We told him he should wait until all the investigations are over,” Giuliani said of their discussion. “This [Special Counsel] case is a strange case. It won’t be decided by a jury. It will decided by the Justice Department and Congress and ultimately the American people. You have to be sensitive to public optics.”

“He said yes,” Giuliani said. “He agreed with us.”

Arriving in West Virginia for an evening rally, President Trump called his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort a “good man” and said it was a “sad thing” he was convicted in federal court.

“This has nothing to do with Russian collusion. This is a witch hunt and it’s a disgrace,” he told reporters.

“He feels Manafort has been mistreated,” said Giuliani. “Nobody in a case like this get’s raided in the middle of the night, put in solitary confinement,” Giuliani said. “They tried to crack him and it didn’t work. Over the last two to three weeks, he’s expressed anger and frustration about how he’s been treated.”

via zerohedge