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SHTFplan: Grid Failure: Without Electricity, Venezuelans Are Eating Spoiled Meat

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Butcher Johel Prieto places spoiled meat on a tray to sell at the central market in Maracaibo. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)


Residents of a Venezuelan town called Maracaibo are now forming “bread lines” to buy spoiled meat as refrigerators fail on the heels of an electrical grid failure.  The area is experiencing about nine months of rolling power outages and the power grid failures have recently gotten much worse.

For the last nine months, Maracaibo’s residents have endured rolling blackouts. Things turned dire August 10 when a fire destroyed the main power line supplying the city of 1.5 million people with electricity.  Meat started to spoil, but the residents seemed eager to buy it anyway.

Refrigeration units fell idle and meat began turning. At least four butcher shops have been selling spoiled meat in Las Pulgas, Maracaibo’s central market.

Butcher Johel Prieto said the outage turned an entire side of beef rotten. He ground up much of it and mixed it with a fresh, red meat in an attempt to mask the spoilage. -AP

Even though some people continue to get sick from eating rotten beef there isn’t much else as far as a protein source available in the “socialist utopia” of Venezuela. And at bargain prices, it’s the only way people in the economically devastated nation can afford protein as the country’s socialist crisis hits rock bottom. “It smells a little foul, but you rinse it with a little vinegar and lemon,” said Yeudis Luna, a father of three young boys buying darkened cuts at a butcher shop in Venezuela’s second largest city, according to a report by AP.

“Of course they eat the meat — thanks to Maduro,” Prieto said. “The food of the poor is rotten food.”

Things continue to spiral out of control for those poor folks left in Venezuela. As women turn to prostitution, and other seek exile to avoid starvation, Nicolas Maduro actually admitted socialism has failed and the once oil-rich nation is now impoverished. But the engineered collapse of Venezuela was just the beginning… 

The Engineered Collapse of Venezuela Was the Beginning of a War on the Free World