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SHTFplan: On 9/11 Anniversary, Twitter Users Celebrate ‘Deserved’ Attacks

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Whether you believe the 9/11 attacks that happened back in 2001 were the result of a government conspiracy and coverup or a terrorist attack, people still died and their deaths should be remembered.  But Twitter users instead, are “celebrating” the anniversary of the “deserved” attack.

Not everyone on the left-leaning social media Twitter decided to mourn the lives lost on September 11, 2001, on the 17th anniversary of the loss of almost 3,000 lives. Some took to the social media platform (which has supposedly dedicated itself to “conversational health” according to Breitbart) to say those who died deserved it.

*Some of the following tweets contain curse words.


Other of course mourned the loss of life that took place that day.  And some even marked the day as a memory of the 17 years of war that has taken place since then, with no resolution, only more death.

If you would like to see more tweets about this, please click here and read Breitbart‘s original article.

No one deserved to die on 9/11 regardless of whoever or whatever was behind the horrific tragedy that happened. They were all pawns in some sort of game and we can point fingers until the end of time if we want to.  The fact is, not many know what really happened and even fewer will ever find out. May all the souls lost that day find peace.