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SHTFplan: Bezos, Kafka, and a Replacement for Book Burning

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This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

Nazis burned books. The richest man in the world simply memory holes them from his Amazon bookstore.

Case in point, a guy who goes by the name Roosh V.

His books—on dating, not politics, let alone “right-wing extremist” politics—were yanked without explanation by Amazon, the retail giant that has wiped out thousands of Main Street retail businesses.

Is this what we have to look forward to—books banned on the whim of a massive corporation playing up to Identity politics?

If we listen to the feminists, dating is a male-dominated, aggressive, potentially violent aspect of what the progressive left calls rape culture. I bet this is why Roosh’s books were deleted. He’s advocating rape, formerly known as dating.

Burning is too dramatic. In our digital age, a censor simply clicks a computer button and the offending work disappears forever.

I see a precedent here.

There are a lot of “right-wing extremist” books and Kindles on sale at the Amazon store. How long before these disappear?

I’m waiting for my books to disappear. But they probably won’t because my sales are so dismal.

I can’t definitively say a massive digital book burning will affect authors not on the same page as the establishment and Jeff Bezos.

I can say a purge is in process on social media. The tech giants are in collusion with Democrats in Congress. They deplatformed Alex Jones and many lesser known political figures who are, according to our rulers and their scribes, deplorables and garbage people.

I keep thinking this will kick into overdrive after the midterms. Both Democrats and Republicans will scream Russian meddling is responsible for whatever the election outcome is. Both will ignore the obvious: the public is sick and tired of the government, that’s why they vote for outsiders, or those who disguise themselves as outsiders.

If Democrats take back the House, the purge will kick into overdrive. It looks like Bezos tested the waters of expurgation by banning Roosh V.

Like Franz Kafka’s protagonist in The Trial, people are kicked off Twitter, Facebook, and now Amazon without explanation or recourse by a distant, inaccessible authority.

This is an effort to muzzle the American people, even those who hate Trump and voted for the Princess of Death, Hillary Clinton.