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ZeroHedge: Religious Texans Beat Back “Robot Brothel” Amid Fears It Will Become Rapist Training Ground 

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

Texas sex doll enthusiasts may be in for a blow after a religious group mounted a vigorous petition to block a Toronto-based “robot brothel” from setting up shop in Houston, reports ABC 13

Our biggest concern is that this sex brothel with robots is gonna train men to become rapists,” said Micah Gamboah with the religious anti sex-trafficking group, Elijah Rising. “What’s next? Is it child robots? Where’s the line? Where is the boundary?

It seems like the law is on the brothel’s side, however, after a stiff penal regulation against such businesses was ruled unconstitutional a decade ago. 

“As disgusting as some people may find it, I think under the law, it’s legal,” said attorney Steve Shellist, adding “As we sit here today those types of products being sold, used or rented is legal.” 

Toronto’s Kinkys Dolls is expanding their offerings of synthetic companions which are “ready for you in every position you would choose, they lubed warm [sic] and ready to play.” 

Their dolls – at least in Canada, go for $80 for 30 minutes of pure silicone ecstasy – though they do offer an outcall service for $250 an hour which we imagine includes some guy who waits in a van for you to “do your thing.” 

Each “doll” has a name, a look and price tag in the thousands of dollars, if you want to buy one. But customers can also “rent before they buy,” getting a room and a doll of their choice where they can “play and have fun” …“fulfilling fantasies without limitations,” according to the website.

According to their website: 

1. You come to our location, we located in a private location ,
we created a condo space inside a warehouse, where you will find everything you need.
2. You Choose the doll that you’ll like out of our selection (better to chose when you come).
3. You get your room and the doll you like. 
4. Pay and have fun! 

Gamboa’s group isn’t going to take this lying down, insisting: “We can’t allow these kind of public masturbation businesses to operate in our city.” 

Perhaps all Elijah Rising needs to do is erect posters showcasing Italy’s closed-down sex doll brothel, which lasted just 9 short days before authorities raided it for breaking Italian laws and concerns that the dolls were improperly cleaned between uses

via zerohedge