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Italian Bonds Tumble, Triggering Goldman “Contagion” Level As Political Crisis Erupts In Spain

When it comes to the latest rout in Italian bonds, which has continued this morning sending the 10Y BTP yield beyond 2.40%, a level above which Morgan Stanley had predicted fresh BTP selling would emerge as a break would leave many bondholders, including domestic lenders with non-carry-adjusted losses… … there has been just one question: […]

Oil Plunges Below $70 After Saudis, Russia Say “Likely Supply Boost” In Second Half Of 2018

There are certain benefits when the president of the US is BFFs with the ruling Saudi regime, especially when the price of oil rises so high it threatens to not only undo the US president’s tax reform, but to slowdown the overall economy even as said president is injecting a $1 trillion fiscal stimulus in […]

Saudi-led Coalition Destroys Houthi Boats Threatening Oil Tanker

Authored by Tsvetana Paraskova via, The Saudi-led Arab military coalition destroyed on Wednesday two boats of the Iran-aligned Houthi rebels threatening a commercial oil tanker in the Red Sea, the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) state news agency WAM reports. The UAE Armed Forces, as part of the Arab Coalition Forces, destroyed two boats of the […]

The Skripal Case Is Being Pushed Down The Memory Hole With Libya and Aleppo

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via The Strategic Culture Foundation, On the fourth of March, in the sleepy British cathedral town of Salisbury, an ex-spy named Sergei Skripal was poisoned by an assassin with the most deadly nerve agent known to man. The Russian government was immediately blamed by a shocked and outraged world. Foreign Secretary […]

Why America Is Heading Straight Toward The Worst Debt Crisis In History

Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Today, America is nearly 70 trillion dollars in debt, and that debt is shooting higher at an exponential rate.  Usually most of the focus in on the national debt, which is now 21 trillion dollars and rising, but when you total all forms of debt in our society together it comes […]

Is The Government Building SECRET Tunnels Under America To Prepare For WW3?

Mysterious booms and strange lights in have been reported all over the country and have recently sparked fears that the United States government is building tunnels underground in preparation for a potential nuclear third world war. Residents are convinced that they are hearing sounds and seeing the odd lights, and they are not isolated events. […]

If You’re A Muslim, Move To Melbourne During Ramadan

For many in the world, an all too often heard phrase is “if only there were more hours in the day.” For muslims, however, during the month of Ramadan, we suspect the hope is the exact opposite. The Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar is, according to the tradition of the Quran and […]

End Of Unipolar World Looms As ‘New World Order’ Responds To US Demands On Iran

Authored by F. Michael Maloof, op-ed via, If Mike Pompeo’s ultimatum to Iran, after US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal, was fulfilled it would inflict economic warfare on the country and set up Tehran for failure while reasserting a US-led unipolar world order. However, it is doomed to failure. As Iranian President Hassan […]

Do Women Work Harder Than Men?

In this day and age of equal opportunism, sexism, PCism, and any other ‘-ism’ one can imagine, its is probably enough to get one banned from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just for asking the question “do women work harder than men.” Traditionally in most cultures, it is the man which would spend the most hours […]

Iran’s Revolt Takes a New Turn, 2248