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Extremely Rare Bottles Of Whiskey Fetch Over $2 Million At Auction

Just six months after a Leonardo painting sold for $450 million, smashing all auction records, this week the world’s record excess liquidity once again underwent a “non-sterilized intervention”, when two bottles of whiskey sold for a mindboggling $2.11 million at a Hong Kong Bonhams auction on Friday, smashing the record for the most expensive bottles ever […]

Credit Card Delinquencies Spike Past Financial-Crisis Peak

Authored by Wolf Richter via, Subprime is calling… In the first quarter, the delinquency rate on credit-card loan balances at commercial banks other than the largest 100 – so at the 4,788 smaller banks in the US – spiked in to 5.9%. This exceeds the peak during the Financial Crisis. The credit-card charge-off rate at […]

Democrats Confirm Torturer As Director Of CIA

Democrats Confirm Torturer As Director Of CIA Paul Craig Roberts How did a person who should be in the criminal dock both in the US and in the International Criminal Court for running a torture prison get appointed the Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency? What is all the Washington talk about defending human […]

More Anti-Crypto-Idiocracy: Conflating The Extreme As The Norm

Authored by Tom Luongo, People hate change.  They also allow themselves to be swayed by the first or second thing they hear about something new that confirms their bias for or against it.  Once that happens, they simply run with that as a justification for why they don’t like something and never move off that […]

“Gig Economy” Glut: Uber Drivers Make Less Than Minimum Wage

Coined shortly after the great financial crisis of 2007–2009, the so-called “gig economy” or “sharing economy” refers to the increasing list of companies like Airbnb, Doordash, Etsy, Lyft, Postmates, TaskRabbit, and Uber–platforms that hire temporary workers who provide an array of on-demand services: delivery, ridesharing, home rentals, and odd jobs. The “gig economy” in an […]

Here Comes Tesla’s Next Big “Ask” from Taxpayers

Submitted by Capsec Advisors Amid a laser-like focus on ramping Model 3 production, a new emphasis on cost control and an initiative to eliminate any contractor or consultant that is not absolutely essential to the enterprise, Tesla’s management found the time and resources to commission a consulting firm to prepare a report on Tesla’s contribution […]

1980s Dietary Guidelines Made America Fat, 2234

Gold Bottom on the Horizon?

All Roads Lead To Stagflation – This Is How We Got Here…

Authored by Adem Tumerkan via Palisade Research, Summary I’ve been very critical of the mainstreams ‘growth story’ they continue to push. There are very troubling cracks widening in the economy they seem to ignore. The last 15 months has seen U.S. GDP rise, but most of this came from increased exports which has benefited from […]

China Releases Footage Of Bombers Landing On Disputed Island For The First Time

In the latest warning to its regional adversaries to stay away, China conducted military drills over – and on – contested islands in the South China Sea, as the People’s Liberation Army air force for the first time landed several strategic bombers on the island and reefs, some man-made, in the region and this time […]