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World Stocks Hit 4th Consecutive Record High, Bonds Rise On ECB QE Report

World stocks rose to a 4th consecutive record highs, while the dollar headed for its worst week; U.S. stock-index futures are steady, with European and Asian stocks higher ahead of much anticipated US inflation data, which is expected to give cues on the outlook for the Federal Reserve’s interest rates. MSCI’s all world equity index […]

“Dear Fed, Hike Slower… Shrink Faster…”

Authored by Peter Tchir via Brean Capital LLC, Dear Fed, Stop with Rate Hikes and Reduce Balance Sheet We think that the Fed should focus on steepening the yield curve.  That keeping short term rates constant while focusing on balance sheet reduction would benefit the most people and the economy. Effectively, it is time for […]

“I Was Wrong”: Albert Edwards Finds Something That Has Never Happened Before

At the start of the year, we were surprised when SocGen’s Albert “Ice Age” Edwards, the biggest perma-deflationist on Wall Street, flipped his outlook on the US economy, and said he now expected a fast spike in inflation driven by wage growth, which in turn would prompt an even more accelerated tightening cycle by the […]

Deutsche Bank Calculates The “Fair Value Of Gold” And The Answer Is…

Over the past three years, gold has found itself in an odd place: while it still remains the ultimate “safety” trade and store of value should everything go to hell following social and monetary collapse, when it comes to “coolness” it has been displaced by various cryptocurrencies, all of which have vastly outperformed the yellow […]

Most Overvalued Stock Market On Record — Worse Than 1929?

Stock Market Most Overvalued On Record — Worse Than 1929? The US stock market today has never been more dangerous and overvalued, according to respected Wall Street market analyst John Hussman. Indeed, Hussman goes as far as to say that “this is the most dangerous and overvalued stock market on record — worse than 2007, worse than […]

Japan – It’s Finally Happening

Submitted by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, Remember when the trade-du-jour was to be short JGBs? All the cool kids had it on the sheets. You couldn’t turn on CNBC without being blasted with Texas’s favourite hedge fund manager foreshadowing Japan’s coming demise.   Japan’s collapse seemed to be Kyle Bass’ raison d’etre. […]

700 Billion Infrastructure Stimulus Puts the 10 Year Bond Yield at 3 Percent (Video)

By EconMatters We check out the Bond Markets in this video regarding the Trump Election effects. Ultimately, inflation expectations, interest rates, GDP Growth, and Bond Yields all play off of just how big an Infrastructure Plan ends up being pushed through Washington. Who knew that a Socialist Business Agenda was holding back Pro Growth Business […]

ZeroHedge: The World Has 6 Options To Avoid Japan’s Fate, And According To HSBC, They Are All Very Depressing

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Last week, when looking back at consensus economist forecasts for Japanese growth as of 1995, we compared what the pundits thought would happen, and what actually did happen: the result was what may have been the worst forecast of all […]

SocGen Looks At The Devastation Across Markets, Sarcastically Concludes It Is “Time For A US Rate Hike”

We have closely followed the work of SocGen’s under-appreciated Albert Edwards and Andrew Lapthorne for years for one simple reason: they have been right all along, however as a result of ever more aggressive and extensive central bank interventions, the mean reversion that should have happened years ago, keeps getting postponed, assuring that when it […]

The Ghost Cities Finally Died: For China’s Steel Industry “The Outlook Is The Worst Ever Amid Unprecedented Losses”

It’s almost difficult to believe, but just 8 years ago, in 2007 and right before the world was swept in the worst financial crisis in history, China had only $7.4 trillion in debt, or 158% in consolidated debt/GDP. Since then this debt has risen to over $30 trillion (specifically $28.2 trillion as of Q2, 2014) […]