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QE “Barbell” Returns: Biggest Junk Bonds Inflow In 8 Months; Most Gold Buying In 7 Weeks

The cross asset whiplash events, coming at a furious pace unseen since 2009, continue, and while the late September surge driven by a historic short squeeze served to massively boost equities (because as DB’s Jim Reid notes “markets have slowly come to terms with the fact that the ‘great’ global central bank liquidity story of […]

Gold & Gold Stocks – How To Recognize An Emerging Bull Market

Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum via, The Current Situation We have last discussed the gold sector in a series of posts between August 11 and September 1, arguing that an interesting risk-reward proposition could be discerned, both from a longer term investment perspective and a shorter term trading perspective. In particular, with a major support […]

Dennis Gartman Turns Bearish And Futures Hit Overnight Highs

For a brief period, it almost seemed as if we are back to a normal market: bad news for the global economy (and there has been more than enough in the past 2 days out of China) were bad news for risk and stocks. And then, the clockwork USDJPY/XIV levitation started. Why? Who knows, ask […]

Futures Continue Slide On Latest Chinese Economic Disappointments, Gold Hammered

When China was closed for one week at the end of September, something which helped catalyze the biggest weekly surge in US stocks in years, out of sight meant out of mind, and many (mostly algos) were hoping that China’s problems would miraculously just go away. Alas after yesterday’s latest trade data disappointment, it was […]

The Stock Market Is In Trouble – How Bad Can It Get?

Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum via, A Look at the Broader Market’s Internals We have previously discussed the stock market’s deteriorating internals, and in light of recent market weakness want to take a brief look at the broader market in the form if the NYSE Index (NYA). First it has to be noted that a […]

Dazed And Confused: Futures Tumble Below 200 DMA, Oil Near $40, Soaring Treasurys Signal Deflationary Deluge

It is unclear what precipitated it (some blamed China concerns, fears of rate hikes, commodity weakness, technical picture deterioration although  it’s all just goalseeking guesswork) but overnight S&P futures followed yesterday’s unexpected slide following what were explicitly dovish Fed minutes, and took another sharp leg lower down by almost 20 points, set to open below […]

China Currency War Contagion Spills Out, Leads To Global FX Heatmap Bloodbath, PBOC Intervention

Overnight, as previously reported, the world was shocked to find that following the record 1.9% devaluation yesterday, China’s ongoing attempt to bring its currency into balance was not a “one-off” thing as the PBOC desperately wanted to spin it, but tumbled by 1.6% again just this morning to a 6.3306 fixing, the lowest since October […]

Market Manipulation 101 – Buy $5.5Bn of a Stock, Tell People You Did It

Market Manipulation 101 – Buy $5.5Bn of a Stock, Tell People You Did It By Phil Davis at Phil’s Stock World Congratulations to Bill Ackman!   Desperately needing a win after getting crushed on his Herbalife (HLF) short battle with Carl Ichan, Ackman had a $1Bn shortfall to cover (allegedly) in his Pershing Square Fund so […]

Why Apple Is Falling Again: Bank of America Cuts AAPL From Buy To Neutral, Lowers Price Target

Curious why after its massive drubbing yesterday, which led to the second highest volume day for AAPL stock in 2015, the phone market is down another 1.3% this morning? The reason: Wall Street’s momentum chasing penguins have re-emerged, and moments ago Bank of America, right on time as in just after the stock broke its […]

Snow In The Summer? Card Data Shows Unexpected, “Disappointing” Drop In June Retail Spending

Even as volatility around the globe has soared in many cases to record levels (see China), one of the reasons why the S&P has desperately defended the 200 DMA with US stocks vol barely budging from multi year lows is that pundits, for some inexplicable reason project that Q2 earnings season will be good. It […]