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[VIDEO] FLASHBACK: SCOTUS Justice Ginsberg Trashes The US Constitution

In this flashback video which takes us back to 2012, current supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg trashes the United States Constitution: the very document that gave her a job and the “right” to “rule.”  She’s talking about what the Egyptian people should expect when setting up a new government. As the Trump administration prepares to […]

Shocker: Even Obama Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate Forged: “But Eligibility’s A Separate Matter”

The conversation about Barack Obama’s birth certificate has been off the table for a while now – but the true heart of the matter has never been resolved. Has anything in his administration been valid or legal? Oddly enough, it seems that a clever legal strategy may make the question of a forged document somehow […]

Considerations For YE 2012 / By Karl Denninger / December 25, 2012, 17:48 As with all such views, you may need professional tax advice on any of these moves.  Your situation is unique — everyone’s is.  With that said, here are some things to consider in the closing days of 2012: Take taxable gains now.  Capital gains taxes may remain where they are, but […]

Jesse Benton and the TREASONOUS Trader Establishment

Jesse Benton leaves the Ron Paul movement to go work for the establishment. Question is did he ever not work for the establishment? As the power structure gets desperate it will double its efforts of infiltration and co opting the liberty and truth movement.

Video: Syrian Army helicopter downed over Damascus, crashes in flames

A Syrian helicopter engulfed in flames has crashed in eastern Damascus on Monday amid witness reports of shelling and fierce fighting in the area – MORE INFO VIDEO COURTESY:,, RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ […]

In the US, What would a REAL 2012 Electoral Platform Look Like?

I took a look at the Republican and Democratic Word Clouds. One cloud is the taxes are bad, and so is Obama. The other platform is a dartboard designed to gather constituents by pandering to everything and anything. Neither platform is “real” thus or election is between zero and none, no choice at all. I […]

Our Fearful Leaders & The Citizenship Test

JC Gets a call from a government specter as he is beaten down into submission. In the US we have mor than 80,000 governments! Do what ever you can to get us to an equal position with our leadership. A talk with JC Mac on the current leadership culture. Everyone Leads Link for more from […]

Criminalizing Dissent-Homeland Battlefield Bill (w Commentary on Chris Hedges Quote)

The major 2012 election issue that will be avoided in total by both Republican, Democrat, and “consumer” alike.. “The charade of junk politics is there not to offer a choice but to divert the crowd while our corporate masters move relentlessly forward, unimpeded by either party, to turn all dissent into a crime..” Hedges Christopher […]

Our Lock Down to Disaster (Lockdown USA, Europe, Japan)

Part of a series at JC Mac was kind enough to ask a few questions of me, Warren Edward Pollock, about the breakdown crisis now underway, specifically why we are now in lockdown to disaster.

Warren Pollock – Vote for Ike 2012 – AKA John Galt for President

The 2012 election featuring (on the left) JP Morgan and (on the Right) Benito Mussolini and Kim Jong-Un in a runoff primary election. Some “remixed” words from President Dwight D. Eisenhower that have been “updated” to match current events and trends. His words were not heeded in regards to the Military Industrial Complex and now […]