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Democratic Party Sues Russia, Trump, Wikileaks For Conspiring To Hurt Hillary In 2016 Election

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge Not The Onion. Did The Democrats’ “The Russians did it” narrative just jump the shark? The Washington Post reports that The Democratic National Committee filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit Friday against the Russian government, the Trump campaign and the WikiLeaks organization alleging a far-reaching conspiracy to disrupt […]

“Why Are They Still Here?”: FBI Agents Wonder Why Anti-Trump Clinton Operatives Within The Bureau Still Have A Job

The recently revealed text messages from Clinton operatives within the FBI that spoke about a “secret society” within the agency that met to discuss ways to take out President Trump have led many to question how those involved still have a job at the agency despite the mounting evidence of widespread corruption. Keep in mind […]

Former DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile Literally Said Clinton “Rigged” The Primary And Is Now Pathetically Backtracking

As the shocking revelations published by a former Democratic National Committee interim chairwomen have begun to reverberate throughout the country, the person who wrote them, Donna Brazile, has laughably tried to claim that actual sentences in her own book do not exist. Brazile first released the explosive allegations that the Clinton campaign had effectively taken over […]

New Gold Price Prediction Following the FOMC Meeting / by Jack Delaney via Money Morning / December 12, 2016 Following the Dec. 14 FOMC meeting, Money Morning Resource Specialist Peter Krauth’s bold gold price prediction shows how high prices could climb heading into 2017. However, Krauth’s long-term gold outlook isn’t based on whether the Fed raises rates… “I think the price of gold will remain challenged in the […]

Judge Slams “Namby Pamby Pathetic Losers”, Asks Obama “Why Are You Obsessed WIth Russia?” / by Tyler Durden / Dec 11, 2016 5:00 PM Saturday on “Justice”, Judge Jeanine Pirro responded to President Obama’s order that US intelligence agencies investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, and submit the results of their studies to him before he leaves office in January. “Seriously? Why Now?” Pirro said, ” You have been watching […]

No Matter What Happens, We Won’t Know Who The Next President Will Be Until December 19th

Most Americans assume that their votes decide who the next president will be, but that is actually not the case.  It is the Electoral College that will elect the next president, and they don’t meet until December 19th.  And the truth is that all of the members of the Electoral College never meet in one […]

Early Voting Results In Key Battleground States Appear To Favor Donald Trump

If you want Donald Trump to win the election, then you have got to be encouraged by what you are seeing so far.  Early voting has already been going on in a number of the most important battleground states, and up to this point the numbers seem to support the theory that Donald Trump is […]

Everybody Is Telling Me That Trump Is Going To Win – So Why Do I Have Such An Ominous Feeling?

I hope that I am wrong.  On Tuesday night we will find out who our next president will be, and I have a very ominous feeling about what is going to happen.  But all around me there are people telling me that Trump is going to win.  They tell me to disregard the polls because […]

If Donald Trump Wins, He Will Be 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old On His First Full Day In Office

A couple of weeks ago, it looked like Hillary Clinton was all set to cruise to victory, but now the FBI has delivered an election miracle in the nick of time.  A few of my readers had criticized me for suggesting that Trump might lose, but I don’t know who is going to win the […]

Thank You FBI: The Clinton Email Investigation Has Shifted The Poll Numbers Significantly In Trump’s Favor

Donald Trump has all the momentum now.  Will it be enough to propel him to victory on election day?  Trump’s poll numbers were improving even before we learned that the FBI had renewed its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the new survey results that came out over the weekend and on Monday make it […]