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The End Of Stimulus? (And The Start Of The Crash?)

This report was originally published by Chris Martenson at Back in January of 2016 we saw what appeared to be, and in my opinion should have been, the end of the Everything Bubble blown by the word’s central banking cartel. The carnage started in the emerging markets. Highly-leveraged positions and carry trades began to unwind. That’s […]

Inauguration Crowd Shouts “Lock Her Up” When Hillary Is Announced… Booed Like Bush Was in 2008

Hillary Clinton was booed by the people who rejected her corruption at the ballot box, now demanding her arrest at Trump’s inauguration. Another torch has been passed on, and is part of a continuing American legacy. Not just the inauguration of the duly elected President Trump, being passed the torch from Obama, but the traditional […]

Obama Leaves America Vulnerable to EMP Attack: Threatens “Banking, Fuel, Food Distribution”

Barack Obama officially made his exit from the stage, but he left us with some major vulnerabilities – at a time when he stepped away from power with tensions at all time high with Russia. Not only has the nation been left wide open to an EMP attack or other sophisticated barrage against our national […]

Bombshell: Trump “Disclaims Drain the Swamp” Slogan As Insiders Fill Up Cabinet

Image: Bin im Garten, Creative Commons This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at Liberty Editor’s Comment: Bought and sold. Rigged. Manipulated. Fixed for a tiny cabal of insiders. Conflict of interest. They are typical terms that one might have thought applied to the Bush Administration, or the Clinton and Obama […]

Shocker: Even Obama Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate Forged: “But Eligibility’s A Separate Matter”

The conversation about Barack Obama’s birth certificate has been off the table for a while now – but the true heart of the matter has never been resolved. Has anything in his administration been valid or legal? Oddly enough, it seems that a clever legal strategy may make the question of a forged document somehow […]

Trump’s Secretary of State Pick Will “Determine War or Peace With Russia” Through His Power Over Energy

President Putin shakes the hand of Rex Tillerson, Trump’s pick for Secretary of State. This article was written by Aaron Dykes and originally published at Editor’s Comment: It will interesting to see what happens next. The future depends not only on what kind of president Mr. Trump will be, but also on what kind […]

Oh By the Way… Trump Won Wisconsin AGAIN in Recount: “Net 162 Votes” More

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment: So, that plan didn’t work. But are they done trying to stop the Trump presidency? Of course not. There is currently an effort underway to indoctrinate electors from the electoral college an intelligence briefing claiming that Russia interfered with the […]

Kissinger On Trump World Order: “The President-Elect Is a Personality… American Policy Evolving”

Image: Michael Berman, Instagram A now-ancient Henry Kissinger is still the de facto manager of the Anglo-establishment wing of the new world order. And he still holds tremendous power and influence over world affairs. And in true fashion, the realpolitik mastermind is prepared to embrace any president, just made remarks urging people not to prejudge […]

Researchers Find Proof of Hell… Facing An “Organized Evil” That Infests DC Politics

Public domain image. This article was written by Brandon Smith and published at his site. Editor’s Comment: The evil is so pervasive that it becomes a part of the system, injected into its bloodstream. There is a dark, depraved path that winds together the roads traveled upon by politicians, lobbyists and spies, with the […]

Immigration Group Shielding Known Gang Members And Blocking Trump From “Deportation Database”

It seems that politics is blocking common sense, and the enforcement of immigration law yet again. With President-elect Trump’s promise to deport criminal illegal immigrants with records involving gang activity and violence, many pro-immigrant groups are concerned that he will cast too wide of a net. So, they are attempting to block Trump from being […]