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Someone Just Made $60 Million Betting That The Crowd Is Wrong

Over the weekend we warned that just as everyone was convinced that the yield curve can only flatten from here, and was positioned massively on the long side of the 30Y future, the opposite was about to happen, and in a tweet highlighting the record net spec long positioning in 30Y futures, we said “here […]

Stocks Sink But Bitcoin Bursts To Record Highs On Cyber Monday

Whatever you do – remember "all is well"   Dow ended higher (with MMM and HD the biggest drivers) as Trannies, Small Caps (ugly into the close), and the Nasdaq red with S&P clinging to unchanged…until the very last minute… NOTE – this is Nasdaq's first down day in the last five – and that […]

Techs Wrecked, Financials Falter As Korean Threats Spark Gold Gains

Well that all escalated rather quickly… Brent spiking (Kurds and Korea), Gold spiking (Korea), AAPL tumble (weak orders), FANG bloodbath… large into small and growth into value. The day's broad activity was driven by North Korean headlines which sparked a bid for gold (and early anxiety over Europe after Germany's election)…   Gold regains the […]

July Jolts: Tech Tops, Trannies Trounced, Dollar Demolished, & VIX Vaporized

Just seemed appropriate…   July was a month of extremes across asset classes… Nasdaq Composite surged over 3.5% – best month since Feb 2017 (up 11 of last 13 months) FANG Stocks spiked 10% – best month since Oct 2015 (up 11 of last 13 months) Dow Transports tumbled over 3.5% – worst month since […]

Dismal Data Sends Stocks To Record Highs As Short Interest Collapses To 2007 Lows

Overheard everywhere today…   Stocks (Dow and S&P) hit record intraday highs… (must mean everything is awesome, right?)   With Nasdaq's best week of 2017…So clearly, unlike The Leftists, Trump Jr's email means absolutely nothing…   BUT… This morning's terrible retail sales and inflation data sent 'hard' data to new post-Trump lows – lowest since […]

“They’re Selling Everything” – Bonds, Stocks, Oil, Gold, & Dollar All Tumble

"Probably nothing…"   ECB Minutes spoiled the bond party… when does it become a full blown tantrum… Bund puking rippled… via risk-parity deleveraging – through European stocks, European bonds (not helped by ugly auctions in France, Spain), US Treasuries and into US stocks… And then dismal 'hard' data (and positively surprising 'soft' data) didn't help […]

“This Is Getting Out Of Hand” – Another Vol Event Strikes As FANGs Face Worst Week In 5 Months

As legendary market technician John Bollinger tweeted today… "Another volatility event in the US stock market. At the lows S&P -1.4%, VIX +51.1%. This is going to get out of hand one day." And quite an event it was… VIX spiked to 15.16 and liquidity collapsed before panic-vol-sellers struck again (as banks hit unchanged) slamming […]

“Shit’s Starting To Break” – Stock Slide Escalates Amid Copper, Credit, & Crude Carnage

One veteran macro trader summed up the markets perfectly "Shit's starting to break" – noting that 'real' macro data decoupled from stocks at the start of the year, VIX decoupled from stocks three weeks ago, EM broke over a week ago, Copper snapped last week, and now High Yield credit is breaking – stocks are […]

Markets ‘Turmoil’ After Comey Crashes Clinton Party

Mainstream media today…   Betting markets saw Hillary odds slide…   Here is the reaction across asset classes to the FBI headline…   And of course, there is the Peso…   VIX spiked above 17 on the headlines… Another day with no closing ramp…

VIX-Slam Saves Stocks From China Turmoil As Copper Crashes

An oldie but a goodie… Didn't work today…   China's return from Golden Week combined with a dismal dump in ist trade data overnight has seenYuan volatility back on the rise…   Stocks are the biggest losers post-Fed Minutes…   Crude inventories rose, jamming oil lower, and then the narrative changed on the build (it […]