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Why Are So Many People Freaking Out About A Stock Market Crash In The Fall Of 2015?

Is the stock market going to crash by the end of 2015?  Of course stock market crashes are already happening in 23 different nations around the planet, but most Americans don’t really care about those markets.  The truth is that what matters to people in this country is the health of their own stock portfolios […]

IT BEGINS! FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FORCING EMPLOYEES 401K FUNDS INTO TREASURIES! / BY THE DOC / JANUARY 24, 2014 Those who have been delaying moving their retirement funds out of the system on the account of early withdrawal taxes may want to take notice. If the official notification an SD reader from the TSP has just received is any indication, it appears that our prediction of forced movement […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong Here? / By Tyler Durden / 05/20/2013 17:13 You know it’s getting frothy when… ”We’re seeing many people cash out 401(k)s or IRAs because they want to take advantage of the [real estate] market.” As CNNMoney reports, in order to get in on hot housing markets, amateur investors are buying up homes and taking risky measures – like tapping their […]

John Jamieson – A New Slant On The Age Old Retirement Savings Dilemma

from Financial Survival Network John Jamieson is on a nationwide mission to break families and businesses out of financial bondage and allow you to comfortably retire. He started his Perpetual Financing Systems to help educate people on how they can create their own financing system that will grow wealth automatically and systematically. For example, John shows beyond […]

Kenyan Economics: The Stock Market Doing So Well While Millions of Middle-Class People Are Being Pinched By Stagnating Incomes And The Increased Cost of Living! They Are Now Raiding 401(k)s To Pay Bills At Alarming Rate, Boston, Washington DC And New York Are Seeing Homeless Numbers Surge, Worst Since The Great Depression!! / March 6th, 2013 Why There’s a Bull Market for Stocks And Bear Market for Workers The corporate recovery. Wednesday the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose above 14,270 – completely erasing its 54 percent loss between 2007 and 2009. The stock market is basically back to where it was in 2000, while corporate earnings have […]

The Average American Contributed $2,733 To Their 401(k) In 2012 / By Tyler Durden / 02/14/2013 16:49 -0500 One of the headline grabbing stories making the rounds today was that the average 401(k) balance, as reported by Fidelity, rose by 12% to an all time high of $77,300 in 2012 from $69,000 the year before. Considering that Bernanke, as well as the entire developed world, have now made […]

Are US Retirement Accounts at Risk? / By Michael J. Ross / February 13, 2013 With disturbing trends taking place here and abroad, Michael Ross asks, “Are tax-exempt savings in IRA and 401(k) plans a tempting target for a bankrupt government?”… Retirees, investors, business owners, and countless others are becoming increasingly concerned by the growing debts of governments worldwide. As Japan […]

It’s Coming: The Government Wants to “Help Manage” Retirement Accounts / By Michael Krieger / February 2, 2013 Many people, including myself, have discussed this threat over the past several years.  The obvious concept is that when the government runs out of money, or they face a drying up in interest for its debt, they will come for the $19.4 trillion in American’s retirement accounts.  It […]

R.I.P. Retirement: 28% of Americans are Raiding Their 401k Plans / By Michael Krieger  / January 15, 2013 This trend has been in place since the financial crisis, but the fact that it is accelerating is extremely disconcerting.  First off, this is not the kind of behavior that should be witnessed in an “economic recovery.”  Second, we need to remember the huge percentage of Americans […]

Government Plans Retirement Heist, Calls it Charity / By Jeff Bwerick / November 18, 2012 Here at TDV we have the unfortunate role of being the messenger—and you know what happens to the messenger. The monkeys in pants always jump on him, stones in hand, and try to bash his brains out for bringing them a little bit of reality. In […]