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[VIDEO] Bizarre Leftist Claims Parents Need Consent From Babies Before Changing Diapers

Leftists just continue to get stranger in their ideology and quest towards a completely totalitarian/government-controlled society.  But now, one bizarre woman claims that parents need consent from their babies before a diaper can be changed. A fiction novel could never do justice to the ridiculousness of the modern liberal. This is evidenced in an interview conducted by […]

ABC NEWS SUSPENDS BRIAN ROSS AFTER ON-AIR FAKE NEWS REPORT ABOUT MICHAEL FLYNN THAT CAUSED STOCK MARKET PANIC / ALEX THOMAS / DECEMBER 2, 2017 In a stunning admission of guilt, ABC news announced Saturday that it was suspending investigative reporter Brian Ross for four weeks after he aired a fake news report about embattled former national security adviser Michael Flynn that caused a sharp sell-off in the stock market and was spread like […]

Warren Edward Pollock: The Man with the 100 Pound Scrotum! NEWS!

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