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SHTFplan: Using Google Tools, ‘Alien Base’ Said To Be Found On The Moon

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Odd-looking structures which appear to be artificial have been spotted on the Moon using Google tools. This discovery has been leading some alien conspiracy theorists to believe that extraterrestrials have established a lunar base – or several of them. According to The Express UK, UFO hunter Sandra Elena […]

SHTFplan: Viral Video: North Carolina UFO Speculations Surge

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. A viral video of a UFO (unidentified flying object) over Lake Norman in North Carolina has speculations surging.  The video was shot in Mooresville as the cameraman was at work, and it appears to show the “spacecraft” hovering over the lake. The exceptionally shaky video, posted by […]

[VIDEO] UFO Spotted From The International Space Station

What some believe to be a UFO was spotted by an Italian astronaut from the International Space Station. While many say the video is nothing more than space debris falling to Earth as a meteor, several others are unconvinced after watching the same video. The object can be seen entering Earth’s atmosphere at an alarming […]

Why Is NASA Using The Discovery Of 7 New Earth-Sized Planets To Promote The Idea That Alien Life May Exist?

NASA told us in advance that there would be a huge announcement on Wednesday, and it certainly was not a disappointment.  NASA’s declaration that 7 new Earth-sized planets had been discovered approximately 40 light years away from our sun made headlines all over the globe, and the Internet immediately started buzzing with lots of discussions […]

Timelapse Reveals Eerie Build Up At Top Secret Area 51 Site “Constructed for the Shadow Government”

Few subjects boggle the mind more than the secrecy of the government. And no place, among those which are known to exist, is more secretive than Area 51. I’ve had friends and acquaintances tell me first hand about being detained by security personnel in black SUVs – just for stopping on the public road outside […]

Snowden’s Interesting Take on Aliens: “We Can’t Pick Up Their Encrypted Communications”

This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple. Editor’s Note: Perhaps the truth is out there, but it is just encrypted. It is perhaps very likely that intelligent life much more advanced than ours would guard the secrets of its communication more closely than civilizations on earth, who have […]

Warren Edward Pollock: Survival on Spaceship Earth

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