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Debt Is an Elephant in the Room and It’s Going to Rampage / BY SAMUEL BRYAN  / FEBRUARY 8, 2016 Debt is crushing the American economy. Over the last month or so, the mainstream seems to have realized that the economy isn’t on nearly as solid ground as government officials and central planners were telling them throughout 2015, and all of a sudden, gold is in vogue. But […]

Hate Mail, Crumbling Factories, and Sinking Stocks / BY TONY SAGAMI / SEPTEMBER 8, 2015 The bulls are mad at me! I’ve been heavily beating the bear market drum in this column since the spring. The S&P 500, by the way, peaked on May 21, and this column has been generating a rising stream of hate mail from the bulls as the stock market […]

This is What We’ve Been Waiting for, the True Recovery of the American Economy / by Wolf Richter • July 31, 2015 Consumers Finally “Getting on with Their Lives” as Credit-Card Debt Slaves: Equifax Equifax, which profits from the process when more people apply for credit and load up on debt, sees the miracles of the current economy this way: “American consumers continue to show signs they are recovering from the […]

Fingers of Instability – Developed World Centrally Planned Socialist Economies Continue to Fail / By Ty Andros / Aug 09, 2013 – 07:28 PM GMT “In the blink of an eye this week, they made the size of the American economy grow by $560 billion.” This is but the latest addition to PHANTOM growth to cover up gross mismanagement of the economy by Washington DC (District of Corruption). A few of […]

David Stockman’s Non-Recovery Part 2: The Crash Of Breadwinners And The ‘Born-Again’ Jobs Scam / By Tyler Durden / June 18, 2013, 22:11 -0400 After exposing the faux prosperity of the immediate post-2009 “wholly unnatural” recovery and explaining the precarious foundation of the Bernanke Bubble, David Stockman’s new book ‘The Great Deformation’ delves deeper (in Part 2 of this 4-part series) into the dismal internals of the jobs numbers and only the utterly politicized calculation of […]