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The Future Is Uncertain and the End Is Always Near

This article was originally published by James Quinn at The Burning Platform Yeah, keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel Yeah, we’re goin’ to the Roadhouse We’re gonna have a real Good time The Doors – Roadhouse Blues Spending a […]

The American Empire Was Challenged On Nearly Every Front This Week

Since the end of World War Two, the United States has established itself on every continent with hundreds of military bases, and has sent troops to foreign nations (both covertly and overtly) on so many occasions that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. And this doesn’t even take into account the nations that […]

David Stockman: “The American Empire And The End Of Sound Money” / By Tyler Durden / 05/15/2013 22:04 In Chapter 12 of David Stockman’s new book The Great Deformation, the outspoken truth-sayer discusses the realities of the end of the gold standard – from the the Bank of England’s ‘default’ in 1931 to the 1960 London Gold panic (a shot across the Keynesian bow) and on to Nixon and […]

Robert Wenzel on His Economic Policy Journal, Elite Memes and the Expanding American Empire / By Anthony Wile / February 24, 2013 The Daily Bell is pleased to present this exclusive interview with Robert Wenzel. Introduction: Robert Wenzel worked on Wall Street before founding his widely read libertarian Economic Policy Journal. A free-market economic compendium, EPJ presents Wenzel’s wry and witty comments on a daily basis, along with guest columnists as […]

The splendour of empire / by W.W. | HOUSTON / Sep 24th 2012, 13:22 SPEAKING of making versus taking, the Washington, DC metro area now contains seven of America’s ten richest counties. Matt Yglesias of Slate comments: The simple explanation is that we’ve gone corrupt and decadent, and as the vitality of the American empire declines its capital […]

How the Council on Foreign Relations Controls Republican Conservatives / by Gary North / September 3, 2012 I sent a stripped-down version of my movie review of 2016 to my Tea Party Economist list. I knew it would outrage some of them. Why did I do it? To make sure D’Souza sees it. The list is large. Someone will send it to him. […]

Chris Hedges on ‘Empire of Illusion’ and a Vignette of The Fall of Berlin 1945 / BY JESSE / August 25, 2012 I came across a nice, compact interview with Chris Hedges which illuminates his thesis of the decline of the American Empire and the illusions and the end of rational thinking that accompanies it. Empires seem to give off quite a bit of flash in their latter stages, rather like […]

RT: THE DEATH OF THE EURO – Eurozone to collapse in ten days?

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RT: Iran is Next

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

RT: Greece denied debt euthanasia to save Euro

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.