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The End Of Our Empire Approaches

This article was originally published by Chris Martenson at Do you have the nagging sense that our empire is in decline? If so, don’t be embarrassed by it. Historically speaking, we’re in very good company. Far larger and longer-lived empires than ours have come and gone over the millennia. This was hit home for me […]

This 2,000-yo Lead Tablet Could Change What We Know About Jesus: “Earliest Document in Existence”

An article of faith? Controversial and startling new evidence is casting light on a part of Jesus’ life that was not previously known, and appears to provide documentary evidence of his work. A lead tablet artifact contains noteworthy references and at least some of the details of his life, and is now the oldest discovered […]

The Spaceship Earth "Artifact"

Where are you going personally? Are you heading to work? Are you planning your retirement? What is omni-desirable? What is the future for you and your children? What is the future for their children and mankind as a whole. Please find, a very short film based on my readings of the writings of R. Buckminster […]

Battle for Babel: Iraq lays oil pipe through a World Wonder

The ancient city of Babylon in southern Iraq is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. But that prestigious title doesn’t seem to bother the country’s booming oil industry. The country’s government has built a pipeline through the arch…

Ellis Martin Report with Suzanne Taylor Producer/Director of What on Earth

Join Ellis Martin for a conversation at the Los Angeles home of Suzanne Taylor, Producer/Director of “What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery”. Ms. Taylor has been involved with films since she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from NYU. Having been an actress, she crossed over to the other side of […]