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SHTFplan: Turkey Will Continue To Defy US Sanctions And Buy Gas From Iran

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. In a move which can only be seen as defiance against the United States, Turkey has decided to ignore sanctions imposed and continue to buy gas from Iran. Despite Washington’s threats to punish countries that do business with Iran, Turkey will continue to do what they want. […]

SHTFplan: Turkey Files Complaint With WTO Over US Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum Products

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. A second country has now filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization over the United States’ insistence on ramping up a trade war.  Turkey, following in China’s footsteps, filed the complaint after the US imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum products coming from the country. “Turkey […]

UPDATES: Post-Coup in Turkey – Erdogan’s Revenge

Obama convenes national security team amid Turkey unrest — Hürriyet Daily News (@HDNER) July 16, 2016 /  BY VANESSA BEELEY / JULY 16, 2016 WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES 21st Century Wire says… The coup in Turkey is over, as quickly as it flared up and as drammatically as it exploded onto our […]

At Least 5 Dead After Massive Explosion In Turkish Capital, Military Dormitory Targeted

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. ANKARA, Turkey (AP) – Large explosion heard in Turkish capital Ankara; police investigating — Josh Lederman (@joshledermanAP) February 17, 2016 / by Tyler Durden on 02/17/2016 12:50 Update: Sure enough, AKP says this is being treated as “an act of […]

Sunnistan: US and Allied ‘Safe Zone’ Plan to Grab Territorial Booty in Northern Syria

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / Patrick Henningsen / JANUARY 15, 2016 Remember when the Obama Administration told the world how it hoped to identify 5,000 reliable non-jihadist ‘moderate’ rebels hanging out in Turkey and Jordan, who might want to fight for Washington in Syria? After […]

Caught On Tape: Russian Navy Ship Runs Into Turkish Sub In Dardanelles / by Tyler Durden on 12/01/2015 12:22 A few days ago, in “Turkey’s Trump Card: Erdogan Can Cut Russia’s Syrian Supply Line By Closing Bosphorus,” we suggested that if Ankara wants to retaliate against Russia for the raft of economic sanctions The Kremlin slapped on Turkey over the weekend, closing the Bosphorus Strait might be […]

ANKARA BLASTS: War on Kurds, ISIS Terrorism, or, False Flag? / BY STUART HOOPER / OCTOBER 10, 2015 We can interpret today’s tragic events in a few different ways. Watch a video of this report here: Two blasts hit a peace rally in Turkey’s capital Ankara today. The attacks killed at least 30 people and injured over 120 others. Footage shows a group of people holding hands and […]

RussiaToday: CrossTalk: Syrious Turk

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