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Antarctic Volcano Warning: Ash Could ‘Encircle The Globe’ Causing Worldwide Health Problems

Scientists are sounding the alarm about a volcano eruption in Antartica that could cause global health problems. The ash from this eruption could encircle the globe, affecting millions of people. Deception Island, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, is a hotbed of volcanic activity with at least 50 craters spread across the region. A […]

The Richest Person On Each Continent

With a stock price surge of 13% after Amazon’s most recent quarterly filing, Wall Street analysts were reportedly “shocked” by the company’s rapid growth. The e-commerce juggernaut beat both quarterly revenue and earnings forecasts, and continues to trailblaze with a 34% revenue growth rate. This boded well for the net worth of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, which […]

Ship Sent To Rescue Global Warming Researchers Trapped In Antarctic, Gets Trapped In Antarctic

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Tyler Durden on 01/03/2014 15:26 -0500 From ironic to ironic-er… the Chinese icebreaker ship that helped rescue the 52 Australian global warming researchers from being trapped in Antarctic ice has found itself stuck in heavy ice. As Reuters reports, The Snow Dragon […]

Global Warming Nutjobs Stuck in Antarctic Ice

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By BrotherJohnF / 12-30-13 If it weren’t ironic enough to have these pseudo scientific global warming nut jobs,  frauds, hoaxers,  psychopaths and charlatans getting stuck in Antarctic ice; now a second ship sent to rescue them is stuck.  […]

RussiaToday: All Aboard, Anchors Aweigh, Aim – Antarctic!

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