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There Seems to be Growing Concern About Biological Attacks: What Do They Know That We Don’t?

This report was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper One thing I have learned after being involved in alternative journalism for all these years is that coincidences often lead toward some concrete event. Recently, some coincidences I have noticed have been related to biological attacks. It’s always rather subtle but there are […]

Scientists Discovered North Korean Defector Carried Anthrax Antibodies

As we’ve reported here and here, there have been several high-profile defections this year involving Korean soldiers sprinting across the heavily fortified border between the two Koreas – a feat that had not been previously accomplished since 2007. In the first incident, the soldier was shot seven times as he staged a daring escape that […]

SHTFplan: CDC Covered Up “Catastrophic Failures: At Level-4 Biosafety Labs Containing Ebola and Smallpox

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. How safe are the government’s BSL-4 labs containing some of the world’s most deadly pathogens? Turns out, not anywhere near as safe as you’d hope. In fact, there is more reason than ever to think that things could play out like the plot of an unsettling pandemic […]

Did the Pentagon Send Live Anthrax to Itself? / Joshua Krause / June 4th, 2015 Last week it was revealed that the Pentagon accidentally sent out dozens of live anthrax cultures to laboratories across the United States. The DoD routinely ships inert anthrax samples to research facilities to study, but in this case, the samples were not thoroughly inactivated before they were sent (sometimes […]

Oops! Pentagon “Accidentally” Shipped Live Anthrax to Labs in 9 States / Lily Dane / May 27th, 2015 Today in “I can’t believe this is happening again” news, the Pentagon has admitted that – oops – the U.S. military accidentally shipped samples of live anthrax to private research labs in nine states. From ABC News: “The Department of Defense is collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control […]

Anthrax Scare 2.0: Letter Addressed To US Senate Office Tests Positive For Ricin Poison

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Tyler Durden / 04/16/2013 18:30 Yesterday we got a flashback of 9/11, and now the Anthrax scare is back. From @911Buff LETTER ADDRESSED TO A U.S. SENATE OFFICE INTERCEPTED AT U.S. CAPITAL, TESTS POSITIVE FOR RICIN POISION. POISON LETTER WAS […]