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Sen. Graham Says Those Who Oppose Trump’s Surge Will Own ‘Next 9/11’

Content originally published at Why was this man so happy last night? Anytime war or potential for war is announced, Sen. Graham jumps on the teevee to ejaculate his exuberance for the President’s decision(s). On the contrary, whenever the President isn’t towing the ‘establishment’ line, he’s very very stern and critical. Am I missing […]

China Suffers Worst Start To A Year For Retail Sales Growth Since 2002

With its credit impulse wearing off (and inflation spikes stalling any hopes of renewed stimulus anytime soon), it appears China’s always-happy consumer is not so happy as 2017 begins.   Against expectations of a 10.6% year-over-year gain in year-to-date cumulative retail sales, February saw just a 9.5% rise – the weakest February since 2002. Presumably […]