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Nasdaq Plunges As AAPL Suffers Triple Whammy

Weak reviews for iPhone 8, dismal pre-orders, and connectivity issues for Apple Watch have slammed AAPL shares to their lowest since August 1st earnings. As Bloomberg notes, in addition to connectivity issues with the new watch, part of today's weakness in Apple  shares could be related to negative comments at Rosenblatt due to weak iPhone […]

Apple Beats Revenue, Earnings Expectations On Record iPhone Sales; Cash Hits $246 Billion

Rumors of AAPL’s demise have once again been greatly exaggerated. Moments ago, Apple reported Q1 earnings which not only beat on the top and bottom line, but also showed a record number of iPhone shipments in the quarter at a record 78.4 million, 2 million more than expected, and at higher ASPs. Earnings of $3.36 […]

Apple Admits Watch Shortage Due To Defective Supply, Not Demand / by Tyler Durden on 04/29/2015 16:50 Apple fan-boys have proclaimed the Apple Watch a screaming success as Tim Cook explained he was “generally happy” with the launch. The big driver of the impression of awesomeness was how hard it was to get one… i.e. so much demand that supply could not keep up. However, […]

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE APPLE WATCH / 11 MAR , 2015   Apple has been caught ripping off data storage from its customers. The company is expanding this model to other products like its new Apple Gold. After Apple’s launch of a number of new products Monday at their “Spring Forward” Event, some of their claims were thrown into question. For […]

Apple Major New Gold Buyer – Propel Gold Higher? / By Mark O’Byrne / March 6, 2015 – There is a major new buyer in the gold market – Apple – New Apple watch could use up to one third of total annual gold supply – Apple expects to sell one million gold watches per month – Each watch to use up to two ounces […]

Hands Up! Don’t Bumbershoot!

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Protestors in Hong Kong mimicking the "hands up, don't shoot" of Ferguson demonstrations (Alex Ogle/Getty) — Sophie Kleeman (@sophie_kleeman) September 29, 2014 / By Dvae / October 1st, 2014 It is time, it is time, for a Lovebrellavution […]

Is Apple Watch a Needle Mover?

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Adam J. Crawford / 25 September 2014 The investment community has been up in arms over a lack of innovation from Apple. After all, the company hasn’t launched a new product line in quite some time… that […]