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Bringing Chaos to America: Obama “Running A Shadow Government” From Washington DC

There is a great deal of concern in some circles about the stealth maneuvers of state that may be in the works. Unlike other former presidents, who’ve sailed into the sunset, become mostly a fixture for autographs and nostalgia, and who’ve by and large stayed out of politics, former President Obama has set up shop […]

“Obama Is The Founder Of ISIS; Hillary Is Co-Founder”

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment: When it’s true, it’s true. Monsters are created to suit the needs of those who fuel their legends and feed off the fear they generate. For the United States and its allies, ISIS is the raison d’être for their intervention […]

Look behind the Iran warships headed to U.S. borders / By Douglas J. Hagmann / 9 February 2014 It’s easy to downplay or even dismiss the threat by Iranian warships said to be on their way to sail close to U.S. maritime borders if one merely looks at this move as taking place in a geopolitical vacuum. The problem is that we are not residing in […]

How The Arab Spring Shakes Up The Oil Markets / By Wolf Richter / SEPTEMBER 17, 2013 AT 12:15PM By Farah Halime, a business journalist in Cairo and Visiting Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations focusing on Egypt’s economy. This post originally appeared on Rebel Economy. Among the first reactors to the Arab Spring back in January 2011 were the oil markets. The […]

Inflation and ‘Arab Spring’ / By Andrew Hoffman / July 10th, 2013 The reason people read the Miles Franklin newsletters – for FREE, no less – is because unlike the MSM, we tell the unvarnished TRUTH.  And no place is the PROPAGANDA as thick as when TPTB attempted to hide the root causes of civil unrest; as we are seeing in Egypt, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, and […]

Guest Post: Why Wasn’t There A Chinese Spring? / By Steve Hass / 02/23/2013 11:57 Submitted by Steve Hass of Why Wasn’t There A Chinese Spring? It has now been two years since the self-immolation of the Tunisian street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, provided the spark that set the Arab world aflame. A wave of protests spread throughout the region in quick […]

Trash Revolt: Mountains of garbage piling up in Egypt

In Egypt, there’s a leftover from last year’s revolution that’s starting to cause a bit of a stink. It took 18 days of mass protest to oust Hosni Mubarak, but in the ensuing 18 months, Egyptians have run up against a far more pungent problem. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on […]

France to give heavy artillery to Syria rebels to ‘smash Assad regime’

France is considering supplying heavy artillery to the Syrian rebels to help them fight President Assad’s forces. That’s according to diplomatic sources, who say Paris is also stepping up support for the Syrian opposition to help them forge a government-in-waiting. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on […]

CrossTalk: New World Disorder

What has changed since the end of the Cold War? Does the world today match what was envisioned decades ago by some prominent Western leaders? Have we reached the ‘end of history?’ Will borders remain untouched as sectarianism and nationalism take root across the world? Or are we living through a paradigm shift, where the […]

‘Real Arab Spring in Bahrain which West ignores’

Bahraini Human rights activist Nabeel Rajab has been sentenced to three years in jail for “participation in an illegal assembly” and “calling for a march without prior notification.” – READ MORE Patrick Henningsen, who’s a geopolitical analyst, believes human rights chaos in Bahrain is beneficial for Western states. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! […]