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Is This The Most Important Chart In The World? / by Tyler Durden / Dec 27, 2017 “This is possibly the most important chart in the world…” As 13D Global Strategy and Research noted: A breach of the top-line of the channel could signal a major reversal in the multi-decade downtrend in UST bond yields.“ So the question is – is an event engineered to slam rates […]

Bailins Coming In EU – 114 Italian Banks Have NP Loans Exceeding Tangible Assets / By jan skoyles / December 5, 2017 Bailins Coming In EU – 114 Italian Banks Have NP Loans Exceeding Tangible Assets – Italy opposes ECB proposal that holds banks to firm deadlines for writing down bad loans – Italy’s banks weighed down under €318bn of bad loans – New ECB rules could ‘derail’ any recovery in […]

New Footage From Inside Riyadh Ritz-Carlton Reveals Princes Swapping Assets For Freedom / by Tyler Durden / Nov 24, 2017 A BBC reporter and film crew has gained rare access inside Riyadh’s “gilded cage” – the Ritz-Carlton which became a luxury prison after a dozen or more princes were detained during the shocking events which began with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s (MbS) internal purge on November 4th. *** BBC’s tour was […]

Are Markets Really as Calm as they Seem? / Thorsten Polleit / November 21, 2017 Indicators for financial market “stress” have reached their lowest levels in decades. For instance, stock market volatility has never been this low since the early 1990s. Credit spreads have been shrinking, and prices for credit default swaps have fallen to pre-crisis levels. In fact, investors are no longer […]

Why Is The DOJ Downplaying Reports Of Proof Linking Obama And Clinton To Russian Corruption / by Tyler Durden / Nov 21, 2017 Following the release of the identity of the FBI informant, Justice Department officials in recent days said that informant William Campbell’s prior work won’t shed much light on the U.S. government’s controversial decision in 2010 to approve Russia’s purchase of the Uranium One mining company and its substantial U.S. assets. […]

What Could Pop The Everything Bubble?

This article was originally published by Charles Hugh Smith at You can view more of his analysis at Of Two Minds. I’ve long held that if a problem can be solved by creating $1 trillion out of thin air and buying a raft of assets with that $1 trillion, then central banks will solve the problem by creating the […]

Draghi’s Day / by Marc Chandler / October 26, 2017 It is all about the ECB meeting today.   The market was hoping for more details last month, but Draghi pointed to today.  The broad issue is well known.  While growth has been strong, price pressures are still not, according to the ECB, on a durable path toward its […]

Our Brave New ”’Markets”’ / by Chris Martenson / Friday, July 28, 2017 One thing is clear: These aren’t your daddy’s markets anymore. Why?  Because about 10 years ago the Rise of the Machines (aka high frequency trading algorithms) completely altered the terrain of what we call the ‘capital markets.’ Let’s look at this as a before and after story. Before the machines, […]

The Russians and Chinese Have Massive Assets In the US and Are Awaiting Orders / By Dave Hodges / July 13th, 2017 Actor and noted comedian, Jonathan Winters, once made a mockery of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union in the classic comedy movie The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming. It is distressing to report, that contrary to the mainstream position that Russia lost […]

Yellen Goes on Record: The Fed’s Pulling the Plug This Year / Graham Summers / July 10, 2017 The Fed keeps ringing bells to signal the top, but the markets aren’t listening. Janet Yellen is set to present the Fed’s Monetary Report to Congress this week. Her remarks have already been posted online. The results aren’t pretty. Valuation pressures across a range of assets and several indicators […]