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America to Collapse As Dollar Dies: “You Cannot Stop What Is Coming… 25 to 50 Million Dead in 90 Days”

A collapse is coming… but not as quickly as many are expecting. There are many people high up in the power structure who not only see an end to the dollar coming soon, but an economic collapse that could trigger the death of tens of millions of Americans – rendered vulnerable by the lack of […]

Economic ‘Recovery’ Not Easing Overwhelmed Food Banks: “Get There Before the Food Runs Out”

Why are hungry people lining up for handouts when the economy is – at least according to the mainstream media – improving at a steady pace? Officially, experts are baffled at why a rebounding economy and a drop in the unemployment rate has not slowed demand for food assistance. Closer to reality, those involved in […]

Shock of Slow Decline: “Economic Conditions Substantially Worse Than During Last Crisis”

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at his Economic Collapse blog. Editor’s Comment: While big things are threatening the entire system in places like Greece, the slow, steady decline is ongoing in America, with the living standards of most people deeply eroded, with the dream and hope of opportunity shattered, and with the […]