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Shouldn’t EVERY Factor of Production Get Paid Its Marginal Product? / Robert P. Murphy / Sunday, June 15th, 2014 A popular Marxist slogan is that the workers should be paid the “full value of their product.” Ironically, Austrian economists have no problem with the motto, it’s just that Karl Marx and his disciples failed to see that market forces generate this outcome. In particular, Marx relied […]

Ron Paul vs Paul Krugman: Who Is The True Prophet, Who Is The False? / November 29, 2013 Isn’t it strange? We are living in the 21st century, a period of time in which people buy land on the moon, humanity has dozens of satellites providing GPS services and real time traffic information, internet brings people and information as close as one click, science and technology are making historic […]

How the Fed Causes Booms and Busts in South America / By Nicolás Cachanosky / Saturday, September 28, 2013 Nicolás Cachanosky, a native of Argentina who recently completed his Ph.D. under Mises Institute Associated Scholar Ben Powell, spoke with us recently about his research on Latin American monetary policy and his new teaching position. Mises Institute: What led to your initial interest in the Austrian School? […]

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Broad US money supply TMS-2 since 2008: from $5.3 trillion to $9.5 trillion / By Pater Tenebrarum / September 24, 2013 What Should Be Included in the Money Supply We have come across a few articles discussing money and credit recently, and want to add our two cents. Before we begin, we want to briefly discuss […]

Regulating Banks the Austrian Way / By David Howden / May 20, 2013 Most people — from young to old and from all ends of the political spectrum — are united by a common bond. The idea that banks are deserving of taxpayer support is viewed as morally repugnant to them. Business owners see bank bailouts as an unfair advantage that is not […]

An Austrian view of the VIX / By Martin Sibileau / Published on January 31st 2013 A corollary of this Austrian view of the VIX is that under a system with simultaneously a gold standard (i.e. commodity backed currency) AND a 100% reserve requirement (i.e. no credit multiplier), the weight of implied correlations in the determination of a forward looking […]

Austrian Central Bank Declines to Answer Gold Questions / By Lars Schall / December 4, 2012 A GATA Dispatch on November 26 was headlined  “Austrian Press Agency Cites GATA in Report on Possible Audit of Austria’s Gold”: Four days later I sent by e-mail this interview request to Christian Gutlederer, spokesman for the Austrian central bank, the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB): “Dear Mr. Gutlederer: […]

An Austrian Defense of the Euro / By Jesus Huerta de Soto / June 22, 2012 1. Introduction: The Ideal Monetary System Theorists of the Austrian School have focused considerable effort on elucidating the ideal monetary system for a market economy. On a theoretical level, they have developed an entire theory of the business cycle that explains how credit expansion […]

A Tax-Loving ‘Austrian Economist’ / By Gary North / June 21, 2012 Recently, one of my site’s subscribers posted a link to an article written by someone who thinks he has refuted me on the question of tariffs. The man believes that sales taxes on imported goods are a way to increase national wealth. But he is special. […]