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The 10 “Grey Swans” Events For 2018

One of the traditional push backs against attempts to predict “black swan” events is that they are by default unpredictable, rendering the entire exercise moot. However, for the second year in a row, Nomura’s Bilal Hafeez has found a loophole, or rather loop-animal: the grey swan. As Hafeez writes, while he would like to be […]

CNN Producer: American Voters “Are Stupid As Shit”

Content originally published at Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has just capped off a week of destroying CNN’s last shred of credibility with a Friday morning release of another undercover encounter with an employee of the beleaguered network. Jimmy Carr, a hate-filled Associate Producer, said that virtually everyone he knows at the network – surprise – absolutely hates […]

Weekend Reading: The Everything Bump

Authored by Lance Roberts via, I received an email this morning that is symptomatic of the current psychology prevailing in the market currently: “It seems to me like much of the market movement these days due by the huge increase in algo-driven trading and also by direct or indirect CB intervention. Every time you […]

NYC Mayor De Blasio Staffer Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

Content originally generated at A 29 year old staffer for NYC mayor Bill De Blasio’s office has been arrested and charged with two felonies after police found a massive collection of child porn on his laptop, according to court documents. The NYPD’s investigation began March 29th when Jacob Schwartz, 29, handed over his laptop – […]

Trump “Deep Throat” Emerges: Someone Leaks Donald’s ’95 Tax Filing To The NYT

For months democrats had complained that it was only damaging information associated with Hillary and the Democratic party that had been leaked during the election season, a string of hacks which was promptly assigned to Russia and Putin. That changed overnight. In its leading Sunday story, the New York Times reports that “Trump Tax Records […]

Hyperinflation Defined, Explained, and Proven: Part II

    Hyperinflation Defined, Explained, and Proven: Part II Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK FOR ORIGINAL)       Part I began the somewhat ambitious mission described in the title: providing readers with the true definition of the term “hyperinflation”, in both economic and mathematical terms. This was done through first defining the term “inflation” itself. […]

Weekend Reading: Willful Blindness

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, Despite deteriorating economic data, the market continues to cling to recent levels of over overbought, overextended and low reward/risk outcomes.   The problem for individual investors is the “trap” that is currently being laid between the appearance of strong market dynamics against the backdrop of weak economic and market […]

Weekend Reading: Intelligent Asininity

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, This past week, the bulls pushed the markets above the downtrend resistance that has held in place since the highs of last year. Of course, while prices have been lofted higher, the deterioration of the fundamental and economic underpinnings have accelerated as reflected by the rush into bonds driving yields […]

Precious Metals: Fake-Rally Ends, Hostage Markets Return

  Precious Metals: Fake-Rally Ends, Hostage Markets Return Written by Jeff Nielson     Back at the beginning of 2009, we had a real rally in the precious metals sector. The price of gold increased by roughly 2 ½ times. Silver led the way, rising more than double that amount. And the precious metals miners […]

Proof That the Top 0.1% Create Crashes

      Proof That the Top 0.1% Create Crashes Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK FOR ORIGINAL)     Our markets and economies are marched up and down in “bubbles” and “crashes”, with the duration of these cycles of financial crime now seeming to be fixed at about once every eight years. As the dust […]