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5 of the Most Violent Cities in the WORLD Are Right Here in America

This report was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper When you think of the most dangerous, violent cities in the world, do you picture slums in Third World countries with vicious drug cartels or arrogant warlords? Maybe the kind of violence where enemies are decapitated and whole families are murdered seem like […]

One-Third Of The 2016 Spike In U.S. Homicides Came From Just 5 Chicago Neighborhoods / by Tyler Durden / Wed, 12/27/2017 Authored by Thomas Lifson of American Thinker, The full evil of the anti-cop hysteria pushed by left wing groups like #BlackLivesMatter will take many years to be understood, in no small part because of political and media support for the notion that racism on the part of cops is […]

“Deadliest Year Ever” – Baltimore Eclipses 2016 Homicide Total

As of 11:20am ET. Thursday morning, the wave of violent crime continued in Baltimore with the death of a 21-year old man by gunfire. The significance of this latest death in Baltimore’s urban war zone, is that total homicides in 2017 have now topped 2016 levels at 319, and there is still one month to go.  […]

“Out Of Control Genicide” In Baltimore, Residents Support Martial Law

While in Baltimore City, Maryland, death and despair are a few things that are plentiful as the region descends into chaos. Deindustrialization coupled with depopulation started in the 1960s stripping the city of economic wealth. Many don’t want to admit, the city is shrinking as their looking glass is clouded with Kevin Plank’s gentrification narrative. […]

Baltimore’s Weekend ‘Cease-Fire’ Shattered As Off-Duty Cop Gunned Down

Baltimore’s second attempt at a 72-hour ‘cease-fire’ was cut short for the second time this year after an off-duty Washington police officer was killed and a women wounded on Saturday. According to The Baltimore Sun homicide data base, Sgt. Tony Mason Jr.,40, was shot and killed on the upper west side at 2800 Elgin Avenue. Reports […]

“It’s Very Common”: Baltimore Teacher Admits To Passing Students That Never Showed For A Single Day Of Class

Teaching can be a thankless job.  Talk to almost any educator in the public school system and you’re bound to get a earful about grueling hours, disrespectful kids, infuriating bureaucracy and minimal pay.  As such, it looks increasingly like the teachers in Baltimore’s public schools have decided to just stop teaching altogether and pass every […]

America’s Broken Education System: Grade-Rigging Scandal Strikes Baltimore And Spreads… / Via / Sep 28, 2017  Project Baltimore, an investigative reporting initiative, which was launched in March 2017, by Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc, the largest U.S. broadcaster, has uncovered more evidence of a massive grade manipulation scheme brewing in Baltimore City Schools. *** The report indicates, the problem is more widespread than thought. A high-level district administrator, who works […]

Stunning Photos Of Massive Baltimore Warehouse Fire: Live Feed / by Tyler Durden / Sep 25, 2017 10:16 AM Live Feed: Baltimore fire crews are struggling to suppress a four-alarm fire at a warehouse in the Fairfield area of South Baltimore. Pictures of the blaze show the 94,000 square-foot building engulfed in flames, sending clouds of thick, dark smoke billowing into the air that were widely visible […]

America’s Inner Cities Are In Chaos… Just Look At Baltimore & Chicago

Via, America’s real war zone is not in Afghanistan or on the Korean Demilitarized Zone. It’s actually in our inner cities where this forgotten war decades old is plagued with out of control homicides and an opioid crisis tearing America apart at the seams. The root cause of this chaos is from with-in and […]

California And Maryland Lead The Nation In Mortgage Fraud Risk Correlation (San Francisco, Baltimore and San Diego Lead) / by Anthony B. Sanders via  Snake Hole Lounge / August 20, 2017 According to CoreLogic, California and Maryland are the states that are most highly correlated with fraud risk (and are the areas that will be the best predictors of nationwide mortgage fraud). A closer look reveals that San Francisco and Baltimore lead in mortgage fraud risk correlation […]