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05.30.14 Bank Failure Friday: Slavie FSB in Bel Air, MD becomes Number 9 in 2014 / by John Galt / May 30, 2014 18:55 ET Since we need something to spice up the old tired idea of bank failures, I present this hilarious, if not a tad raunchy video from the YouTube user “ScreenTeam” and their parody of “Sail” with “FAIL” which is oh so appropriate for the FDIC’s need to seize banks […]

Watch the Other Hand – Ukraine, Bank Failure, Oil and Natural Gas / March 4, 2014 by John Little I was hoping to write about something else today, but Jasper left a comment last night that reminded me of a key piece in this game: Deutsche Bank. And, that led me to think about the price of oil, the Petrodollar and Russia’s trump card: Natural Gas […]

A Bank Failure Or Crisis In China (Happening Now) Or A Smaller Conflict Will Be Enough To Push Confidence Over The Edge / November 23rd, 2013 The Last Gasp Before Hyperinflation – Are We There Yet? Among the alternative financial press (the so-called bloggers of finance) there is a renewed buzz regarding a slowly unfolding crisis. Many believe we are near an inflection point. The fear is certainly justified. Money or credit creation is now exponential. […]

CBC: Canada To Adopt the Cyprus Model of Depositor ‘Bail-In’ In Case of Bank Failure / By Jesse / April 3, 2013 The smugness of the Canadian politicians is reminiscent of the Bank of New Zealand. Perhaps that is what the political do when they are making plans for a gathering storm and they wish for everyone to remain on the beach in the meanwhile. I could be wrong, […]