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‘May’hem Strikes – Dollar & Bond Yields “Pounded” To Post-Election Lows / by Tyler Durden / Apr 18, 2017 Bonds have gievn up, comodities have given up, inflation expectations have given up, bank stocks have rolled over, and even ‘soft’ data is starting to rollover… still the ‘rally’ is in tact, it’s just a fleshwound according to the business media… *** Bonds just overtook The Dow year-to-date, […]

Luddy: The Fed’s Risky Uncharted Course / Robert L. Luddy / April 17, 2017 The Federal Reserve Bank, also known as “The Fed,” was created in 1913 to regulate the banks and to ensure a stable dollar. The Fed has strayed from its initial charter and is now the primary enabler of federal deficit spending and debt, which is now almost […]

Wells Fargo Tumbles To Lowest Since November After Buffett Dumps 9 Million Shares / by Tyler Durden / Apr 12, 2017 In an effort to keep its stake below 10%, Berkshire Hathaway has dumped 7.13 million shares of Wells Fargo in the last 2 days and intends to sell 1.86 million more shortly. The after-hours reaction in the stock is negative, dropping the bank’s share price to its lowest […]

The Federal Reserve’s Stock-Market Supernova

The following article by David Haggith was published on The Great Recession Blog: During the first several years of the Fed’s “recovery” program, bankers denied that banks were the primary drivers of the stock market bull. Then, a little over a year ago, the Fed’s Richard Fisher confessed what everyone in the alternative financial media already knew — the nation’s central bank was “front-running the stock […]

Bank Stocks Battered Back To Red In 2017 (As Gold Surges)

With earnings due tomorow, it seems investors are seeking safer havens than ‘no brainer’ banks…     It seems the exuberant spike after Trump’s speech to Congress was the tipping point…

Dubai exchange may launch gold contract for retail investors / From Reuters / Saturday, April 8, 2017 The Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange said today it was considering whether to launch a new spot gold contract designed to be used by retail investors and traders. The DGCX signed a memorandum of understanding with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, a body that facilitates commodity trade flows […]

Citi: Central Banks “Took Over” Markets In 2009; In December The “Unwind” Begins

Citigroup’s crack trio of credit analysts, Matt King, Stephen Antczak, and Hans Lorenzen, best known for their relentless, Austrian, at times “Zero Hedge-esque” attacks on the Fed, and persistent accusations central banks distort markets, all summarized best in the following Citi chart… … have come out of hibernation, to dicuss what comes next for various […]

Global Stocks Rebound From Overnight Lows, On Edge Ahead Of Trump-Xi Meeting / by Tyler Durden / Apr 6, 2017 S&P futures are little changed at 6am ET, trading at 2347.55 and paring an earlier 0.4 percent drop, on the back of the USDJPY ramp which for the second day in a row has emerged alongside the European open, just as the key 110 support level appears in […]

Brexit Optimism Misplaced: Time for Hardball / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / April 5, 2017 I do not understand the optimism in some corners that a deal will be reached.  Events in the last two days should open some eyes to the large and increasing chance there simply is no deal. *** The Wall Street Journal reports European Parliament Votes to Toughen Stance […]

On The Edge Of An “Uncontrollable Liquidity Event”: The Definitive Guide To China’s Financial System

While most traders over the past month have been obsessing over developments in Washington, the real action – most of it under the radar – has played out in China, where as discussed over the past few weeks, domestic liquidity has tightened notably, culminating with an unexpected bailout by the PBOC of various smaller banks […]