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Corporate Media Continues to Pump Out Fake News on Wall Street Crash of 2008 / By Pam Martens and Russ Martens / August 15, 2017 When there is an epic financial crash in the U.S. that collapses century old Wall Street institutions and brings about the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression, one would think that the root causes would be chiseled in stone by now. But when […]

The Most Important Chart For Stocks

We have previously shown the chart below on countless occasions, so we are content to see that increasingly more banks are showcasing it as the biggest potential threat to the future of the market’s artificial levitation. Here is BofA’s Martin Mauro explaining why “investors may be well served by locking in some profits in US […]

How Banks Hurt The Real Economy – FDIC’s Hoenig To Senate

Authored by Wolf Richter via,  "The real economy has little to gain, and much to lose.” When tighter regulations were imposed on the banks after the Financial Crisis, the largest among them, the very ones that threatened to bring down the financial system, began squealing. Those voices are now being heard by Congress, which […]

Schwab: “New Accounts Are At Levels We Have Not Seen Since The Dot Com Bubble” As Millennials Rush Into Stocks

We can now officially close the book on the “cash on the sidelines.” One week ago, we reported that in the latest weekly survey of Bank of America high net worth clients, the cash allocation had fallen to an all time low of just 10.4%, below the previous record low of 11% in April 2007 […]

Leaked: EU Plans to Freeze Deposits to Prevent Bank Runs / by Don Quijones / Jul 30, 2017 Desperate Times, Desperate Measures. Following a spate of drastic banking interventions in Spain and Italy earlier this summer, the European Commission is preparing new legislation to prevent bank runs from completely wiping out Europe’s hordes of zombified lenders. According to an Estonian document seen by Reuters, that legislation […]

‘Pretty much ever since Australia sold its gold, it’s been on the up’ / By Paul Garvey / Saturday, July 29, 2017 In a vault deep in the basement of the Reserve Bank’s Martin Place headquarters in Sydney sits a hoard of gold bars worth about $US500,000 each — all four of them. The Reserve Bank of Australia now holds almost the entirety of the nation’s gold in vaults […]

It’s Your Money But You Can’t Have It: EU Proposes Account Freezes To Halt Bank Runs

Authored by Mike Shedlock via, If there is a run on the bank, any bank in the EU, you better be among the first to get your money out. Although it’s your money, the EU wants to Freeze Accounts to Prevent Runs at Failing Banks. European Union states are considering measures which would allow […]

Bank Of England Warns Of “Spiral Of Complacency” Over Soaring Consumer Debt

A few weeks ago, we wrote a note about how European auto lenders are becoming just about as ridiculously undisciplined as their counterparts in the United States.  Apparently an ever-growing reliance of European millennials on lease financing has auto ABS investors worried about a potential crash in used car prices at some point in the […]

Ellen Brown’s Certified Nutcase Proposal to “Save Illinois” / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / July 24, 2017 Readers are concerned about the sorry state of affairs in Illinois. Specifically, reader Mark asked about Ellen Brown’s July 23 article Saving Illinois: Getting More Bang for the State’s Bucks. *** Brown says Illinois pensions have “surplus funds and rainy day funds tucked away around the state.” That statement […]

Aussie Scales New Highs for the Year, as the Greenback Remains on the Defensive / by Marc Chandler / July 14, 2017 The Australian dollar has taken over leadership in the dollar bloc from the Canadian dollar.  The Aussies are up about 0.35% today to extend this week’s gains to more than 2% and reach a new high for the year a little more than $0.7760.   The Canadian dollar is up 1.1% […]