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North Korean Cyber Threat: ‘The Difference Between Theft And Destruction Is Often A Few Key Strokes’

Global banks are preparing to defend themselves against a potential North Korea hacking attack. Cybersecurity experts worry that North Korea will continue to embolden themselves as the threat of United State military action over the nuclear program looms. The threat to banking institutions is very real. North Korean hackers have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars […]

Italian banks plummet on more woes for BMP/More Spanish problems/Greece enters 6th day of a strike as the Greek isles cut off from Mainland

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / February 4, 2013 Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen: Gold closed up today to the tune of $5.80 to finish the comex session at $1675.20.  Silver however finished lower by 24 cents to $31.70. Today was quite a day […]