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Investors now value a $20 billion company based on its “energy and spirituality” / Simon Black / November 8, 2017 About twelve years ago, at the height of the real estate boom in the United States, banks began issuing what became known as NINJA loans. You’ve probably heard the term before– NINJA stood for No Income, Job, or Assets. These were the famed ‘no money down’ loans at low, […]

“It’s A Vicious Cycle”: Goldman Abandons Equity Options Market-Making As Vol Collapses

October is historically the most volatile month of the year, but in 2017 – the average volatility of US equity markets dropped to an all-time record low…   … And you know something's wrong when, just like in early 2007 when the crash in vol killed the swaptions industry – just before all hell broke […]

10Y Treasury Yields Just Did Something Every Bond Bear Was Waiting For

10Y Treasury yields just crossed 2017's Maginot Line of 2.40% – the highest in six months…   Following Jeff Gundlach's bearish bond perspective, and the signals from the commodity/reflation markets…  Citi is warning that 2.39-2.40% is HUUUUUGE on the US 10 year yield A break of this resistance (close) would strongly suggest a move to […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren Expresses Skepticism about SEC Chair’s Real Agenda / By Pam Martens and Russ Martens / September 27, 2017 Donald Trump’s pick for Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Jay Clayton, had good reason to be nervous yesterday morning as he prepared to testify before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee. The ranking member of that Committee, Senator Sherrod Brown, had previously made […]

Japanese Banks Plan To Launch A Digital Currency Meant To Kill Off Cash

Japan’s central bank is currently planning to back a scheme that would permanently kill off cash. Using blockchain technology, the J-Coin is now under development by Japanese bankers. The J Coin has the blessing of financial regulators as this will literally end Japan’s cash dependency. According to the Financial Times, the currency is meant to launch in […]

The Gold & Silver Takedown…9 Years After QE1 / September 18, 2017 As the bullion banks continue to shake out the weak paper gold and silver longs on the Comex casino, here is a look at where things stand 9 years after QE1 as well as a look at the gold and silver takedown. 9 Years After QE1 August 18 (King World News) – Here is […]

Big Bank Bosses Are Dumping Their Stocks As “Credit Risk Ricochets Back”

"Credit risk is ricocheting back as a legitimate concern after years of hibernation…" warns David Hendler, founder and principal at Viola Risk Advisors, who considers recent share sales by executives at the big retail banks, in particular, to be smart, as consumer portfolios are showing signs of strain. Wall Street analysts have been urging investors […]

FX, Bonds, & Gold Chaotic Ahead Of Yellen Speech

While stocks are shrugging off any and everything, FX, bonds, and gold markets are swinging around wildly ahead of Yellen’s speech at 10ET. The initial move appears driven by Fed’s Kaplan’s comments on “correction in stocks may be healthy.” The reversal is being attributed to a note from Citi suggesting “No US Default Or Shutdown […]

Your PM Portfolio Check-UP / by Andy Schectman / Aug 17, 2017 When I look at the precious metals markets all I see are the numerous anomalies that are screaming value and opportunity.  The constant machinations of the bullion banks manipulating the markets and holding back Mother Nature has created distortions in the market place that present a real […]

The new American Dream: rent your home from a hedge fund. / Simon Black / August 15, 2017 About a month ago I joined the Board of Directors of a publicly-traded company that invests in US real estate. The position brings a lot of insight into what’s happening in the US housing market. And from what I’m seeing, the transformation that’s taking place today is extraordinary. Buying […]